Tuesday, March 01, 2011


I have a humble suggestion to all pundits, bloggers, politicians, news readers, and writers out there. Let's stop using the term "health care reform" when the topic has absolutely nothing to do with changing health care in any way. If you're talking about health insurance then use the term "health insurance," not "health care." The legislation rammed through congress over massive voter objections by the Democrats last year was not about health care. It was about health insurance.

Nobody is trying to, nor do they want to reform the health care in the United States, which is second to none. What they are attempting to do is make this excellent care more available and affordable, which is being attempted in the form of reforming insurance.

Saying "health care reform" is not just misleading, but insulting to millions of health care professionals who do good, hard work every day. It implies that their efforts are inferior or lacking and require government fixing, which is an abject falsehood.

So how about it folks?


Unknown said...

I am totally willing to agree to that. Health Insurance Reform is sorely needed. Come to think of it insurance reform in general is probably needed.

Philip said...

Nice concept, but the bill does indeed cover health care. Just not in a positive way.

Christopher Taylor said...

I agree that it does negatively impact health care, but that's not the intent of the bill. Nobody involved sat down to figure out how to make health care worse in America when they wrote it.