Monday, March 28, 2011


“The facts on the ground don’t matter much. What really matters is their good intentions.”
-Margaret Wente

When is empire good? According to many on the left, the same time tyranny is good: when its well-intended.

Consider this by Mickey Kaus about UN Imperialism:
“Humanitarian imperialism.” I think that label will stick. And in a true empire–in this case, the empire of UN approved human rights enforcement–war never really ends. Always someone to protect somewhere. Imagine living in imperial Britain in the mid-19th century. There would almost always be a war or police action–actual shooting and killing–going on.** For a true empire to work– even, or perhaps especially, a humanitarian empire–war has to be routinized.
The relevant international governing bodies have already determined the appropriate application of force. And “all responsible nations must embrace the role that militaries with a clear mandate can play to keep the peace.”
This kind of imperialism is about ideological colonization, establishing a certain morality upon other nations in the name of social justice and what the UN believes is right. Whereas the founding fathers believed individual conscience must be inviolate and liberty depended on freedom of expression and thought, the new left believes liberty is an economic issue, and giving up all other freedoms in its name is a fair exchange.

For the principle of humanitarian war to be implemented, the UN and nations of the world must take upon themselves a moral authority they would consider ghastly and dictatorial from an organized religion. Were the Roman Catholic Church, for instance, to declare war on Islam for its belief in Allah, that would be considered horrendous, but if the UN declared war on Islam for its mistreatment of gays, suddenly that's okay.

Because the new religion of postmodernist atheism is the dominant faith, and it suddenly becomes quite reasonable to punish those who violate its tenets. Unlike Christianity, this new religion has not grown to maturity beyond the belief it should be physical force demand others bow to its positions. There was a time when Christians believed that forced conversions by the sword is perfectly acceptable, but that time has long passed.

The UN has not reached that level of maturity with its faith; like some radical Muslims, this atheist leftist faith demands obedience and is willing to use force to compel that obedience. And the results are a sort of religious ideological empire, calling all to bow to "green" multiculturalism and feminist acceptance of homosexuality.

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