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Fox Hunt
Media Matters is a website set up by George Soros and some other leftist organizations as an attempt to find fault with and attack news which annoys the left. They try really hard to show right-wing bias in reporting (and sometimes succeed) but most of their reporting is of the "I wish they hadn't done this story" or "why did they report so much on this I wish they'd ignore" sort of complaint rather than tangible bias.

Lately, they've shifted gears, starting to attack blogs for what they perceive as inaccuracies and tea party rallies for evidence of hatred, bigotry, and being too white. Sometimes they find something, but often it has been tea party crasher idiots with rigged signs or deliberate misrepresentation of speeches by heavy editing.

Media Matters now has a new cunning plan, which Ben Smith lays out at Politico:
“The strategy that we had had toward Fox was basically a strategy of containment,” said Brock, Media Matters’ chairman and founder and a former conservative journalist, adding that the group’s main aim had been to challenge the factual claims of the channel and to attempt to prevent them from reaching the mainstream media.

The new strategy, he said, is a “war on Fox.”

In an interview and a 2010 planning memo shared with POLITICO, Brock listed the fronts on which Media Matters — which he said is operating on a $10 million-plus annual budget — is working to chip away at Fox and its parent company, News Corp. They include its bread-and-butter distribution of embarrassing clips and attempts to rebut Fox points, as well as a series of under-the-radar tactics.

Media Matters, Brock said, is assembling opposition research files not only on Fox’s top executives but on a series of midlevel officials. It has hired an activist who has led a successful campaign to press advertisers to avoid Glenn Beck’s show. The group is assembling a legal team to help people who have clashed with Fox to file lawsuits for defamation, invasion of privacy or other causes.
And, of course, someone is writing a book. Fox news doesn't have much to worry about, as people tend to watch a news organization less because they figure executives are great people behind the scenes and more because the reporting is on things that interest them, delivered in a manner they trust.

Whatever Media Matters manages to dig up, you have to laugh a bit at their determination to demolish the one major media outlet that doesn't bow to the Democratic Party's wishes. The problem here isn't their war on Fox News, they're free to spend their money however they want.

The problem is that Media Matters is a tax-exempt organization, and to maintain that status, they have to avoid being overtly political. And by targeting Fox News because they claim it is just a Republican mouthpiece, they've crossed the line even more blatantly than ever before. So they can do whatever they want, but they shouldn't get any tax exemption any longer.]

*UPDATE: Media Matters' first big rollout for their Fox Hunt? Someone on Fox News once called President Obama a socialist. And?

The problem these guys are going to have, I suspect, is that their perspective is so enormously skewed to the hard, radical left that things which outrage them will barely be worth a shrug to most people, particularly Americans.

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