Thursday, February 03, 2011


"The largest scam against the federal taxpayers in the history of the United States.”
-USDA Employee John Stringfellow

Black Farmers
For some reason this isn't the hot blog issue it should have been, but it is an issue people ought to know about. The topic is Pigford, and the corruption, fraud, and race-hustling reparations involved are what people should know about.

"Pigford" is short for Pigford vs Glickman, a legal decision in which the US Department of Agriculture was sued in 1997 under the Clinton administration. Clinton's secretary of Agriculture, Dan Glickman was sued by a group of black farmers for various reasons including unfair treatment by the USDA. They claimed that the USDA treated black farmers unfairly when deciding to allocate price support loans, disaster payments, "farm ownership" loans, and operating loans, and that the USDA didn't deal with claims of racial discrimination properly.

Clinton appointee Judge Paul Friedman ruled with the farmers, and over a billion dollars has been awarded farmers under the Pigford decision. When President Obama took office, he directed the USDA to go into overtime paying off farmers, including tens of thousands who filed well beyond the 180 day time frame the courts required. So far, almost 90,000 people filed, a number many times the total number of black farmers in America, according to USDA estimates.

As Big Government has shown with meticulous detail and painstaking reporting, many of these claims -- as many as half, according to some at the USDA -- were fraudulent, but given anyway. In short, the Obama administration is using this as a reparations scheme to throw money to blacks, many of whom not only aren't farmers, but never have been farmers, never dealt with the USDA, and live in cities.

The problem here isn't that these men and women might not deserve compensation, its possible and I don't know the court case so I'll assume it was a valid decision. The problem is the waste, fraud, and misuse of this program to throw money to blacks just because they're black.

These days, the federal government spending a billion dollars on something doesn't seem like much when they're throwing around trillions on other programs, but its still a huge amount of money. And Big Government has all the details. I recommend taking a look, and for other bloggers to pick this up.

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