Thursday, January 27, 2011


Just a quick post about how to convince the American people that we need austere, significant cuts in the federal government - even in programs they like or consider sacred. Because while I am happy to hear President Obama claim he wants a spending freeze for five years (even while talking about new spending in the same speech), we're past the point where a freeze is enough.

The trouble is trying to get the public who support smaller government and less spending in theory, but tend to oppose any cuts in practice, to understand and support what needs to be done. At the Ace of Spades HQ, Ace himself wrote about this problem and how not even the big guns of conservative punditry are really pushing the concept or trying to sell it. Then he quotes a commenter posting under the name curious:
Oh for gosh sakes, you have to take politics completely out of the discussion. He has to have Bill clinton and George W. Bush have a heart to heart talk with the american people with charts and graphs and THE TRUTH. Last I noticed they are both well respected and one from each of these stupid political parties.
And I think that probably is the best shot we would have. To step away from present politics back to a time when most people remember things being overall better and have these two, who clearly get along fine, present the case to the American public. Granted, neither one is a fiscal conservative, but they both are smart and experienced enough to know something has to be done.

Both do a good job of being not just likable but present their cases well in public, and they have a history of good public work after their presidencies. Let them sit down and present the case using graphs, numbers and facts to the American people then sell them on cuts. Not just vague "we need cuts" stuff but specifics, and major ones. This isn't a partisan issue unless parties make it that way. This has to be done, now.

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