Monday, January 10, 2011


Any time you ask someone who supports the "right of a woman over her own body" or whatever euphamism used at the time to support abortion, they'll tend to say "everyone wants it to be rare" and generally frown on the practice, without being judgmental, or at least that's the attempt. The problem is, abortion isn't rare. To be sure, the incidents of abortion did slow down during the Bush administration, but its still going strong.

For instance, in New York City, the health department did a study and found that almost 40% of all pregnancies in the city ended in an abortion. That's nearly 90,000 a year in one city alone. Every single day, day after day, on average 4,000 babies are put to death by abortion in the United States. That's a 9/11 every day that is unremarked upon, with no flags lowered. Whatever the reasons are for these abortions, whatever the hell the girls are going through or if they're simply doing it to avoid losing their figure/so they can keep "having fun" whatever, those babies are still dead.

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Anonymous said...

Abortion was made legal at about the same time the birth control pill became available. I have never understood why, when preventing pregnancy had become so much easier than ever in world history, the demand for abortion not only did not fall, but actually increased. Thousands of women are clearly not using contraceptives (not effectively, anyway) and are instead turning to abortion as their birth control method of choice. That makes these statistics even more cold-hearted and cruel.