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"In Philly, our police commish told us to watch out for backlash after 9-11"

*Welcome readers of Small Dead Animals, despite the (possibly unintentional) insinuation by Kate, I do not believe, nor propose that President Obama is a secret Muslim.

Yesterday a bomb detonated in an Egyptian church killed 21 coptic Christian and injured dozens more. For years now, the Christians in Egypt have suffered from attacks and legal persecution by Muslims who are trying to crush the ancient sect. The BBC reports:
About 1,000 worshippers were attending the Mass at the al-Qiddissin (Saints) Church in the Sidi Bechr district of the Mediterranean port city.

As the service drew to a close after midnight, a bomb went off in the street outside.

"The last thing I heard was a powerful explosion and then my ears went deaf," 17-year-old Marco Boutros told the Associated Press from his hospital bed. "All I could see were body parts scattered all over."

Another witness told the private On-TV channel that he had seen two men park a car outside the church and get out just before the blast.

Officials initially thought the cause was a car bomb, but the interior ministry later ruled it out, saying the attack was instead "carried out by a suicide bomber who died among the crowd".
The blast was so big and so powerful that it actually damaged a nearby Mosque, harming eight Muslims there. Naturally, the Egyptian government blamed the sinister Joo:
The Vice President of the Supreme Islamic Shi'ite Council in Lebanon, Sheikh 'Abd-al-Amir Qablan, denounced the bombing which occurred in front of Saints' Church in Alexandria, in northern Egypt, and which led to the death of 21 people.

Qablan said in a statement: "This terrorist act bears the mark of Zionism, which is accustomed to destroying religious holy places, and is in the interest of Zionism, which seeks to sow fitna, and foment sectarian and ideological differences."
In response, President Obama condemned the attack, saying:
The attack on a church in Alexandria, Egypt caused 21 reported deaths and dozens of injured from both the Christian and Muslim communities.
Now, technically, he's right, some Muslims were injured but the way he stated this it sounded like some generalized attack that hurt random people equally, with Christians not being the primary target and all the deaths. Why?

I can only speculate but I think that this is a conscious, deliberate attempt to avoid making people mad at Muslims. Like Scott Ritter who deliberately covered up the horrors he saw in Iraq under Saddam Hussein because he feared revealing them would lead to war, I believe President Obama wants to do whatever he can to avoid stirring up people. If folks heard from the president that a group of harmless Christians, a very small minority in Egypt - were killed by a Muslim bomber while worshiping at church, folks might be more inclined to support some sort of action against or at least view more negatively any Muslims.

As Gabriel Malor writes at Ace of Spades HQ (where I saw the Obama quote):
Remember back during the Ground Zero Mosque fight the daily reports of violence, vandalism, and vitriol against Muslims in America? If you only knew what you heard from the liberal media, you'd probably be justified in believing that Muslims were living under siege in this country. The Muslim victimhood meme would make sense to you.
The first thing off the lips of the left when any horrendous atrocity is attempted or successful by a Muslim is "don't go nuts now, don't blame Islam, watch for the Islamophobia!" When a Muslim shot up the east coast as a sniper, the news reporters used his old name, before he'd changed it to Muhammad. When the Fort Hood shooter went nuts, we were cautioned not to jump to conclusions based on his clearly Muslim Arabic name and warnings against a backlash against Muslims.

The truth is, Jews are much more likely to face violent attacks and assault than Muslims. According to the FBI's crime stats,.042 percent of the Jewish population were attacked in 2009 while .010 percent of Muslims were.

The fact is this backlash never has come about, the anti-Islam fever in the US never took off, and all people want is to have terrorists stopped and the radical freaks who do this to be dealt with. And that's a goal every one of us should share. Sometimes I wonder if we do.

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Patsplace said...

Amongst the people of the US and Canada, to name a few, are Muslims that follow their faith, part of which is to kill Christians and Jews. These people are not our friends and they never have been our friends. Plain pure English.