Monday, January 24, 2011


Well, I'll be here around suppertime
with my can of dinner and a bunch of fine.
-ZZ Top, "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers"

Whisky Can
A while back I posted a picture of a can of wine, thinking that this probably wasn't the finest vintage. Lined or not, aluminum cans do affect the chemistry of any beverage kept in them, especially over time and canned cola for instance isn't as good as bottled. So even if the wine was good to begin with, it wouldn't be after a short time kept in a can. Well there's canned whiskey out there too.

According to Mark Howarth at the Daily Mail, Scotch Spirits began selling cans of Scotch Whisky in Panama, which are labeled a "rare blend." Notice it doesn't call the whiskey a "good" blend, and purists consider blends to be inferior to begin with. The Scotch Whisky Association (they spell it without the e) is trying to block the new product on technical (labeling) rules, but mostly I think they just don't want their product associated with cans of beer.

Here's the thing though: the can holds seven shots of whiskey. Even if this is pretty thin stuff, that's an awful lot of booze. There's no way to close a can once its opened, and although whiskey won't go flat like beer or a cola, it does evaporate and becomes stale. This probably is meant for mixing, but its still seven shots worth, and I can't think this will be in any way healthy. Consider who's likely to buy this: younger people and really big drunks. They are practically encouraged to drink too much just by the container.

Putting all aesthetic and purist complaints aside, this seems like its just a really bad idea all around.

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