Monday, January 17, 2011


Monday, January 17
Saturday, February 12
Monday, February 21
Thursday, April 21
Sunday, May 8
Saturday, May 21
Sunday, June 19
Sunday, July 24
Monday, May 30
September 11
September 16
Friday, September 23
Monday, October 10
Monday, October 17
Friday, November 11
Wednesday, December 7

What are all these dates? Official calendar holidays in the United States. Each one is a special commemorative day for some individual or group of Americans to remember their contributions, life, and legacy. Every so often, someone wants to come up with another holiday, adding another person to the list; Reagan day, Kennedy day, etc.

We've already condensed Washington and Lincoln birthdays into one day: President's day. I think we should extend that to all the different days. Instead of adding a day every time someone really popular or significant dies, we should collapse them all into Americans Day. Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, whoever, just set up a single day to remember them all. Sure that might mean fewer mandatory days off for banks, mailmen, and federal workers, but I'm sure they could work that out.

It just seems foolish to keep adding more and more people into the list. Even the Roman Catholic Church had to thin out their list of saints. They had so many saints that several days had multiple saints connected with them. Some saints were decided to not be that saintly after all (st Christopher got the boot, for example). So they cut back. If we keep going the way we are now, America will some day end up the same way.

That way, the process of giving someone a holiday wouldn't have to be as contentious and difficult a process; if there's one day, nobody is getting extra time off. Just add them to the list; hello Babe Ruth day, hello Elvis day, hello George Washington Carver day. If some guy gets added that shouldn't be in your opinion (say, Cesar Chavez or Abraham Lincoln) you can just ignore them, and consider the rest. Or, like most people, just take the day off and ignore the significance of it.

Even days like Memorial day could be added into this list, or Grandparent's day, or Secretary's day.

That's what I think, anyway.

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