Thursday, December 02, 2010


My latest Right Network post is up, about legislating morality and how the ones doing so aren't who you think - or have been led to believe by popular culture.

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eric said...

Good article. I'd argue that, generally speaking, people get into politics in order to legislate one type of morality or another. That's true of conservatives and liberals. And people in different areas are affected by such legislation in different ways, depending on what type of morality prevails in their area (I live in a place populated with a lot of social conservatives, and they do most of the legislating... hence I tend to think of them as being the most agressive in trying to legislate morality) .

What I tend to support most is for the law to allow people to make decisions for themselves in as many areas as possible, even when doing so might be inconvenient or even dangerous to others. There are some limits to the choices I'll support, which are admittedly informed by my own understanding and of morality. But for the most part, I think people associate "legislating morality" with attempts to remove or deny choices from peoples lives. That's not always a correct association, but it is often a convenient way to think about the issue. (People who want to allow gay marriage can be said to be legislating morality, but it is the people who want to deny gay marriage who are trying to limit individual choice, who want to prevent people from doing something in the name of morality).