Monday, December 13, 2010


"...the man never had to face serious adversity until he was elected POTUS. And now he can’t deal with it."

So President Obama walked out on a press conference, just left while Bill Clinton was answering a few questions. Clinton talked for 45 minutes and everyone stood around looking at each other wondering what the heck was going on. Don Surber calls it "symbolic resignation:"
Being president sucks right now. It will get worse. His programs are a failure. His party does not like him. So he sent Biden to talk to the party and Clinton to talk to the press.
It is hard being president and it often does suck. Almost all jobs do, in fact most of life sucks. But President Obama is one of those guys who was handed almost everything he has on a golden platter with no serious challenges and now he has to face that for the first time. Frankly, he makes President Carter look really professional at this point.

Now as a conservative, you'd think I would be gloating and happy about this, but I am not. In fact, I'm really upset. First off it makes America look pathetic and weak to have a hapless, incompetent, petulant, and often immature seeming president. Look, I knew he was most of that going into the 2008 election but it doesn't make me feel any better to be right about the guy.

I wanted him to be a really good president. I liked a lot of what he campaigned on, at least most publicly. Greater transparency, lower spending, more streamlined government, less partisan anger, all that sounds great. I figured out pretty early it was all smoke and mirrors to get people to vote for him, but I wished he would be that guy. He wasn't and he isn't. And that's the problem. Its the same problem we face with Steele as Republican chairman.

I wanted Steele to do a great job, I hoped that with him in position it would kick the teeth out of the "your all just racists for opposing Obama" line and change the direction of the idiotic Republican party. Now Steele did such a boneheaded job as chairman and wasted so much party money that he's not even running for reelection in his position.

Both are blacks in positions of power and authority that are unprecedented for each. Never before has there been a black US president, never before has there been a black chairman of any major political party. Both had the opportunity to show the bigoted morons that skin color is irrelevant to their person, both could have stood tall and been leaders. Both could have been what Jackie Robinson was to sports: a very capable, even heroic figure not just incredibly good at his job but such a powerful and winning personality even his enemies respected him.

Steele spends his time defending himself and ignoring the party; President Obama doesn't even seem like a president any longer. Both blame racism for their woes, neither one was up to their job. And by doing that so publicly they've set the cause back of blacks in positions like this by decades. Their failure give ignorant racist clods an excuse: "See, them nigras can't do the job!" Great work guys. You made racist scumbags happy.

This is one of the worst results that could have come about for both men, and its not like they didn't have plenty of support and even protection. The press did their best to prop up Obama, excuse his mistakes, cover up his stupid ideas, ignore his gaffes, and so on. Steele had the full support not just of the GOP but blacks all around the nation and many non Republicans. Great job, guys.

Its not like they couldn't do better, they weren't genetically incapable of doing a better job, they just didn't and we all have to pay the price now, white or black or whatever hue your skin happens to be. And like Roger Simon says: we need a leader and now we don't have one.

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