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"Barack Obama helped elect 255 Democrats to the House in 2008. This year, he helped elect 240 Republicans to the House.

Now that’s bipartisanship."
-Don Surber

Vote by mail is the only way in Oregon and its becoming more and more popular among the left. Here's one reason why: its easier to defraud absentee ballots and vote by mail. Not all of the ballots from leftist hotbed Multnomah County have been tabulated yet, and by some strange process, as the counting goes on, the number of uncounted ballots keeps increasing. Jack Bog explains on his blog:
As of 5:30 last evening, the Secretary of State reported that there were a total of 283,340 ballots returned in Multnomah County. Then at 8:30 this morning, they reported that the number was 285,814. In Washington County, the total number of returned ballots went from 188,093 last evening to 190,072 this morning.
Orbusmax reports that the same thing is happening in King County:
...the number of outstanding ballots to be processed has INCREASED by around 100,000 from earlier today when he looked at the numbers (roughly from 171,500 to 270,000 by this evening).
The total ballots unprocessed (617,170) and the total votes counted (1,872,195)… does that mean roughly 1/3 of all votes cast have not been tabulated? And if so, even if King County represents about 45% of that number.
Basically, if a Republican doesn't win by a significant margin in Oregon or Washington... they lose in the final count or recount because enough ballots from Democrat strongholds will be found. This time its costing Dino Rossi his Senate seat (last time they stole his Governor victory), and the Oregon Senate was tied 50/50 Democrat Republican... until all these new ballots were found.

Here's one example of how "green" jobs work out: Californias Solyndra was given $53 million in "stimulus" money to invest in solar energy last year. This year? George Avalos at the Oakland Tribune reports:
Solyndra Inc., the high-flying solar panel maker once touted by President Barack Obama as a model for a green energy future, said Wednesday it has scuttled its factory expansion in Fremont, a move that will stop the company's plans to hire 1,000 workers.

Solyndra said it will also close an existing factory in the East Bay.
Solyndra also will, over the next several weeks, eliminate 155 to 175 jobs in Fremont. That includes 135 contract employees and 20 to 40 full-time workers, said David Miller, a Solyndra spokesman.
Captain Ed Morrissey at Hot Air notes that this was the factory Obama and Boxer toured and was held up by some as a model of the idea of green jobs.

Compromise is the nature of politics, you almost never have the power to do exactly what you want, and even within a group of folks who agree there will always be slight differences of opinion. The legacy media and leftist pundits (often one and the same) are pushing a certain talking point pretty hard lately; for example here's Katie Couric and Jeff Greenfield courtesy Newsbusters:
COURIC: And, Jeff, you know, we were initially hearing a lot of talk about cooperation and bipartisanship, but it seemed as if, at least the Republicans, in particular, really dug in their heels today and we were hearing a very different tone. Is compromise unlikely at this point?

GREENFIELD: The quote from Jim DeMint that we had earlier about warning the new folks not to be co-opted, he's not the only one saying that. There are a whole group of Republicans coming to Washington with a different mindset, to stop what they see as over-arching government. Rand Paul, the incoming senator from Kentucky, saying, 'it's not my aim to pass bills but to repeal them.' And you have Mike Pence, one of the leading Republicans in the House, saying, 'I don't think the American people are electing a new generation in the hopes that Congress and the White House can get along better.' So the whole kind of Sesame Street 'let's all cooperate,' that's not where these Republicans are at. They think they're there to stop something they regard as dangerous, and I think that portends some conflict, even within that party.
Again and again we see this: Republicans refuse to compromise! I suspect this is less reporting and actual content based on GOP statements than an attempt to forge a narrative. If the GOP refuses to cave on Democrat demands, they'll be accused of being too inflexible to compromise. And, if the left can shame and manipulate incoming Republicans into thinking they're mean for not giving in, they might be able to get the new congressmen to give in more often and thus annoy their constituents. Compromise is part of doing business in congress, but never on principle.

Instapundit reader John Miller has a great idea for the Republicans to push the first year of their new House majority:
Yes, you make the Senate vote on ObamaCare again.

You make them vote on a lot of things.

Were I in Boehner’s shoes, I’d be preparing a long list of very short, very simple bills, each covering a single issue with broad public support.

Race-neutral enforcement of civil-rights laws.

Sanctioning ’sanctuary cities’.

Voter ID.

Forcing the DOJ to implement the voter-roll cleanup provisions of HAVA.

And so on. Single-issue bills that can be read by any voter in five minutes.

Run them through the House and, should a few more of these Senators staring 2012 in the face decide they don’t dare oppose the bills, we get to see Obama double-talk his way through vetoing motherhood and apple pie.
Sounds great to me. Quick, easy to read and understand bills that hit the issues most people really want but politicans never want to touch. Things that are easy to explain and support on news and talk shows and between friends.

Typically when someone says they are skeptical of human caused global climate change, the retort is that they're not scientists so they should just shut up. Non-scientist film maker James Cameron and non-scientist Google CEO Eric Schmidt think questioning the AGW gospel should be criminalized:
During the same conversation Schmidt stated, “There are people who in my view criminally doubt some of the science.”

“I agree, criminally, I agree with that.” Cameron interjected.
Because the science is settled©.

Senator John Kerry's yacht got him into hot water because he hid it in a nearby state to avoid Massachusetts taxes he insists everyone else pay. Eventually he agreed to move it home and pay the taxes... but according to Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa, he's still not paid his taxes. Taxes are for the little people, not the political class. Look there's a reason these guys who are so rich don't mind pushing for higher taxes: we're learning more and more they don't bother paying them and face no penalties. Sometimes they even get promotions to the presidential cabinet.

As I wrote about before the election, the local races are actually more important than the national ones and getting less attention. Unreported by many, the GOP picked up almost 700 state legislature seats, gaining majorities in 17 state legislative chambers, including states such as New Hampshire and Indiana, which went full Republican majority in both chambers. North Carolina has a Republican majority in both chambers for the first time since the late 1800s. Meanwhile the GOP controls the state house, state senate, and governorship in 20 states. That means redistricting control and power for a long time in the future, unless they get really stupid like last time.

Speaking of local politics, Dan Mitchell highlights many different state ballot measures at Big Government:
  • Washington's tax increase measure failed
  • Washington also requires a 2/3rds majority to raise taxes now
  • Nevada voted against making eminent domain seizures easier
  • California voted against legalizing pot
  • California failed to throw out a state level cap and trade bill
  • California also now requires a supermajority for some tax increases
  • California removed the supermajority vote requirement for a state budget
  • San Francisco approved a ban on people sleeping on sidewalks
  • San Francisco also failed to require public employees from paying more for their pension and benefits
  • Kansas strongly clarified the 2nd amendment
  • Arizona voters banned any law requiring people to buy health insurance
  • Oklahoma voters voted for the same ban
  • Arizona voters also rejected "medical" marijuana
  • Arizona voters passed a constitutional amendment banning the state from showing preference to or discriminating against people based on gender or ethnic background
  • Mssachusetts failed to roll back the state sales tax by 3%
  • Louisiana voters voted for a supermajority vote requirement for any increased public employee benefits
Of course, he thought it was a tragedy that pot wasn't legalized...

Obama's Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner visited with Jon Stewart back in April to discuss economics. This may go a long way toward explaining the Obama administration's fiscal and economic policies.

Remember Jennifer Kline? She was the woman who excitedly claimed Obama would pay for her house and car before the election. According to the New York Post, she's selling her handwritten letter from Obama to help pay for her house. Fear not, she's probably not going to stop worshipping the man.

Forbes has a useful tool to check your state's debt levels and how much you owe for state worker pension plans. Note: these calculations rely on absurdly high rates of return on investments by the state and are probably at least half as high as they should be, if not worse. Oregon, for example is in debt over $1,500 for each man, woman, and child in the state. The unfunded pension burden on each person? Over $11,000, and 49.9% of the population is relying on government funding compared to those who are not.

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eric said...

Oklahoma had 11 state questions on the ballot, the most we've ever had, and all of the following passed:

1) English as the common language of the state.
2) Increase the amount of tax revenue that the state must set back each year in a Rainy Day Fund.
3) An addition to the state constitution that international law and Sharia law may not be used or cited by judges to decide court cases.
4) Allow Oklahomans to opt out of Obamacare
5) Must show picture ID in order to vote.
6) Reduced the number of petition signatures required to get state questions on the ballot.

Overall, it was a good set of state issues and each one broke the way I voted... that never happens. And the people in my county surprised me by passing Liquor By The Drink in spite of a strong drive by all the local churches to prevent it from happening.