Friday, November 26, 2010


You know, we're told that airplane security shouldn't profile because that would let 87 year old white granny and 12 year old black parapalegics through with nukes onto the planes. The thing is, that's never even come close to happening, its always been some mangy obvious terrorist so far, and they've never yet been actually caught by a security guy, always some passenger or other worker.

And if you look, every single security measure that's being employed by the TSA is reactive. They didn't start checking shoes until someone had a shoe bomb. They didn't start checking liquids until there was a liquid bomb. They didn't start feeling people's naughty bits until... well honestly I'm not sure what brought that on, since the latest threat was on cargo planes.

So really, if that's your pattern for deciding what to do in terms of security, why not profile, at least until its shown that isn't enough? If you're going to be reactive anyway, all the bombers are scraggly looking Arabic males, maybe its a good idea to profile them in response?

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