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"oh wow, I remember her"

A while back I did a bit on 80s women I really liked, just for some filler and because I need a break from politics once in a while. It still gets some hits, likely just people looking for pictures, but what has happened to those women since the 1980s?
Pam Dawber from Mork and Mindy. Married to NCIS star Mark Harmon, Dawber got fairly steady work in movies, including the hilarious but underrated Stay Tuned with the latest being 1999's Don't Look Behind You.
Erin Gray from Buck Rogers. Originally an SI model she's gotten fairly steady work including TV shows Hotel and Hunter. I saw her recently on an episode of Hollywood Treasure where she had a slightly melted model of a Buck Rogers starship.
Jan Smithers, from WKRP who hasn't gotten acting work since the 1980s. The latest news on her was being in a car collision while driving nude in her car. She was married to Josh Brolin before Barbara Streisand.
Justine Bateman from Family Ties. She was in a short-lived TV series and still gets some acting work including Psych. Bateman had some drug problems in the late 80s and early 90s but seems to have gotten her act together.

Erin Moran from Happy Days. She did movies like Galaxy of Terror in the 80s, but didn't have much work until fairly recently when she's been in a string of movies. She's been in a few reality shows like Celebrity Fit Club which apparently sparked her career.
Holly Robinson from 21 Jump Street. She's married to football star Rodney Peete and has had steady work on TV and in movies for her whole career. Her latest work is Speed Dating. She's also done some advocacy and fund raising work for autistic children.
Saundra Santiago from Miami Vice. She's stayed fairly busy, with roles in soap operas, some TV work, but the most interesting role was Jeannie Cusamano in several episodes of The Sopranos.
Tawny Kitaen, best known from Whitesnake videos. Although she's had fairly steady work, including the short-lived new WKRP attempt, she hasn't had much good work except in voice over work from Eek! the Cat.
Molly Ringwald is still acting, she has a steady TV part with The Secret Life of The American Teenager and has been doing small parts since her huge stardom in the 80s. I didn't ever watch the show, but she was apparently on many episodes of The Facts of Life before she got into movies.
Phoebe Cates is still stunning, although she doesn't act much. Princess Caraboo could have been a breakout role but it didn't go anywhere and her last work was in 2001's Anniversary Party mostly out of a favor to director Jennifer Jason Leigh. She's still married to that lucky so-and-so Kevin Klein.
Ally Sheedy is one of the more talented members of the Brat Pack from the 80s, although she did a lot of fluff back then such as Short Circuit. She's kept really busy with steady work on TV and in movies, the latest being the upcoming movie Fugly!.
Sean Young was in a lot of movies, including one of the best of the 80s in Blade Runnerwiththe voice-over, thank you very much). Despite having a reputation as a lunatic and being unstable, she's had a lot of work and is in several projects a year. She's still pretty and still very interesting to watch, but checked into rehab recently.
Lea Thompson, the blonde in my teenage blonde-brunette (Cates)-Redhead (Rinwald) fantasy trio. Technically she's strawberry blonde, but it works. Other than the TV series Caroline In The City she's had steady work, with lots of projects every year and seems very successful.
Elizabeth Shue, from Karate Kid and lots of other work. She was a fairly big star in Leaving Las Vegas and has had steady work since her first film back in 1983 when I graduated from high school.
Julie McCullough, from Family Ties. Although she was first known as a Playboy Playmate, she has been an actress ever since in one of the few examples of someone becoming a real star from being a centerfold. Julie did a lot of bit parts until her latest role in A Letter To Dad. These days she's mostly a stand up comedian, interestingly enough.
Christina Applegate, from Married With Children has gotten pretty steady work since that role as a brainless blonde bimbo. Christina has been in some big movies like Anchorman and keeps getting regular work.
Kathy Ireland was an SI Swimsuit model, but she's done quite a bit of acting work since she learned to control her voice so it didn't sound like she was huffing helium. She's done mostly voice over work, and her most high profile work lately was Dancing With The Stars.
Elle MacPherson, another SI model, was one of the smarter ones. She set up her own modeling agency, went into business, and has made millions. She's got clothing, perfume, makeup, and so on. She's been closely involved with the Top Model reality shows, and is currently on the panel of Britain's Next Top Model (who was their first?).
Paulina Porizkova, another SI model. She has done a lot of acting since she stopped modeling, particularly some soap opera work. She's still married to Ric Ocasek and blogs for Huffington Post.
Virginia Madsen has been in a lot of movies, and she still gets work. She's done a lot of TV and movie work, and still is going strong. Her sexy voice is in a lot of voice over work as well, such as Justice League and Teen Titans.
Dianne Franklin, from Better Off Dead and other movies. One of the cutest actresses from the era, she specialized in wide-eyed innocents you had to love, and is still getting work. She even sang the national anthem at Dodger Stadium in 2004, and still looks younger than she is (she was 23 in Better Off Dead.
Daryl Hannah is known for movies like Splash and she's been working ever since in movies such as Kill Bill. Hannah still is blonde and tall but is less pretty than hard looking these days and her latest surgeon's job was not great.
Heather Locklear is best known for her poster but she has done a lot of TV work. She was in the reboot of Melrose Place but her looks are more the work of surgeons than genetics these days.
Valerie Bertinelli, from One Day At A Time. After destroying Van Halen, she has gone on to many TV movies and series, and presently is in the series Hot In Cleveland. She still looks fairly cute but its tough for me to forgive the whole Van Halen thing. She also was a guest host on the vapid chick gossip/politics show The View a few times.
Here are a few other ladies from the 80s and where they've gone since then:

Deborah Foreman, from Valley Girl. She did some small work through the 80s and beyond, until she had a more substantial part in Beautiful Loser in 2008. She's a pilates instructor in Los Angels these days.
Mia Sara was the dewy love interest in the awful Legend movie, and she's done some small scattered work since then with an occasional noteworthy role such as Ferris Bueller's Day OffTimecop. She was Dr Harley Quinn in the awful Birds of Prey comic book TV show and was married briefly to Sean Connery's son Jason.
Jennifer Jason Leigh who was in a lot of movies and still is. She is one of those women who looks younger than she is, and had a wonderful innocent quality belied by a really naughty underlayer that peeked out in movies like Flesh and Blood. Jennifer was very talented and has turned that and her looks into a very steady career which includes the TV show Weeds now.
There are a lot more like Demi Moore, Lori Singer, and Ione Skye but that's enough for now. Most of these women haven't aged gracefully, fighting desperately with the use of the surgeon's blade, injections, and makeup to appear as something they are not, but some have held up very well due to just innate natural beauty. Those interestingly enough seem to tend to be the ones who aren't acting much these days.

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