Monday, November 08, 2010


"Waking up to a defeat of Harry Reid Nov 3rd will be devastating for our industry's future."

Well the left really pull out all the stops to keep power this election, and it did make a difference. Here's just a few fraud stories among the many coming out after the election:
Alaska's CBS affiliate KTVA radio had two of its producers caught discussing how to manipulate the election by reporting on Joe Miller. The gist of the discussion was about finding someone in the Miller campaign workers who is a registered sex offender and smearing Miller with it, even if they had to invent the story. PJ Salvatore at Big Journalism has the full story and audio. What's especially troubling about this is that these guys were in charge of the news reporting, what kind of coverage are people getting there? The men involved were fired after the election.

Also in Alaska there was at least one federal contractor trying to get all his workers to vote for Murkowski for that sweet, sweet, earmark pork she's great at bringing to Alaska. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit has the video with the man saying things like “If her opponents win this election, I can tell you they will not get on that subcommittee.”

In Minnesota, Democrat Party workers drove mentally retarded people to the polls and in some cases "helped" them vote because they didn't understand the ballots. Fox News reports:
Jensen suggested that the county officials processing the ballots were aware that some had been cast by mentally incapacitated people who may not be legally eligible to vote.

"The whole issue here is that someone was filling out their ballots and it looked to me like they had no idea what they were doing or what was going on," Jensen told
Because if you vote anything but Democrat, you're doing it wrong, naturally.
Also in Minnesota the leftist organization Students Organized For America are facing felony charges. The state has a voter ID requirement, but you can "vouch" for up to fifteen people, saying they live in the area. SOFA was vouching for people that they admitted they didn't even know, saying they were just doing what the organization told them to do.

Connecticut had its version of voter fraud too. Here's a few lowlights of what has been reported, courtesy Radio Vice Online:
  • Some voters were given more than one ballot
  • Other voters were not checked off on the registration list
  • Some voters were never asked for IDs
And the Mayoral election of Bridgeport featured the Democrat being called as winner before election day was even over. This is a useful trick for discouraging late voters who sometimes figure there's no reason to vote if its already decided. In this case they just didn't bother counting any more mayoral ballots past 8:00 PM because they figured it was over.

Finally, Harry Reid won in Nevada, despite being roundly (and rightly) despised by the people there. Part of the reason may be that his senate campaign relied on assistance from the unions and various corporate interests in the state (the Senate Majority leader can bring home a lot of pork). The Washington Examiner runs down the story and how it might have been illegal.
This kind of stuff is all over, basically the machines in various cities and states are used to doing things a certain way and there's pressure being brought to bear on them to change and stop that nonsense. Yet again, the light of the internet being shone on another entrenched corruption, and the cockroaches are scurrying once more.

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