Tuesday, November 23, 2010


"North Korea has a pattern of doing things that are provocative. "

North Korea fired fifty artillery shells into the South Korea town of Yeonpyeong, forcing residents to flee and killing 2 people, wounding over a dozen. North Korea responded with artillery fire directed on the guns that fired at them.

The problem here is that North Korea, out of money, resources, and anyone to blame for the incredible misery its residents live in and ruled by an insane man near his life has nothing to lose from war. They might even believe that they have nuclear weapons and can't be defeated, or at least won't draw a response from anyone out of fear of being nuked.

This is seriously disturbing to me, and combined with the Chinese behavior lately with the Sankaku islands and likely missile test off the shore of the US, I'm not very comfortable with what might come in the near future. Especially with the guys in power we have now in the White House.

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Unknown said...

I have been concerned about China long before Obama. They are a threat in all kinds of ways I think more in terms of an economic or a cyber war right now.