Wednesday, November 24, 2010


"seriously psychologically disturbed."

Bunny Crusher
The video starts out with a girl holding a bunny and singing to it, petting it and kissing it. Then the rabbit placed on a table. The camera is fixed, the view showing the rabbit looking around curiously. The girl places a sheet of glass on top of the rabbit trapping it, and sits down slowly, crushing it. You watch and wonder how they did this because it looks awfully real. It sounds awfully real.

The problem is, this isn't a stunt or something faked for the internet. It really was a rabbit being crushed to death by a girl. In fact, this isn't an isolated event, there are other videos like it being produced as part of a gruesome fetish involving pretty schoolgirls horribly mutilating and murdering animals. The animals are usually cute bunny rabbits, puppies and kitty cats, and the things done to these creatures are truly ghastly. Its called "crushfetish" and apparently has enough followers that there's good money in making these videos - about 6000 yuan per video, which is pretty good money in China.

Bunny TortureWhen internet folks saw the videos they reacted with horror and a determination to find out who these people are, but the answers came from the person who leaked the videos online to begin with. He infiltrated the video makers to find out who they were and why they did it. From the website Chinasmack we have this account:
However, due to high security within the group, he was unable to make much progress for a long time. After a lot of asking around, he obtained this group’s chat records and content and photos, as well as many of this group’s videos involving the abuse and killing of animals.

In relevant chat records, a person called (name in Chinese) made a comment regarding opinions about the video that appeared at the time in March involving a woman abusing various animals. He said: Those who like CF [Crush Fetish] are not people who like violence and murder as is commonly propagated, but rather an extension of SM [sadomasochism], a level, a desire to be trampled to death by a female, giving one’s life to her…and those who [are proponents] for legislation against animal abuse and killing, [they] should ask themselves if they are vegetarians.
At present, our country does not have any relevant laws to punish those who abuse and torture animals, but for the vast majority of people, they will criticize and strongly condemn this kind of behavior because it deviates from the most basic human morality.
Notice here: China apparently has no law banning the cruel abuse of animals. This isn't illegal because the nation never saw fit to actually ban actions of this sort, which likely have been going on a long time. Its not like the internet created evil, its just displaying it in a way that was unprecedented.

Until a law is passed, the only punishment these people can get is public scorn, shame, humiliation and contempt - the kind of thing the Westboro "Baptist Church" folks face. Someone slashed their tires recently and amazingly enough no one in town would fix their tires. If you're awful long enough, people just stop giving you the minimum assistance.

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