Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Well the rebuild went catastrophically. My entire work disk including all writing, art, and links, as well as contacts, fonts, and all the rest I had backed up on a separate hard drive were destroyed. I have to start from scratch, but thankfully I have a lot of the work backed up elsewhere even if it is a few months old.

What this means is that I'll not have as easy a time for a while creating my blog entries or other efforts, and there probably won't be a WATN wrap up at the end of the week. I finally got email working and everything seems to be functioning properly now, all I need is a new KVM switcher that Windows 7 recognizes because I got a new computer.

The sad part is that I've become so reliant on this machine for my work. I type rather than write, I edit images with GIMP, I browse for research, and so on. It is all terribly convenient and without all this I'd be significantly worse off (and making no money) but it is disturbing to think I'm this reliant on a machine.

Losing the links doesn't bother me as much as it could; I had thousands of links and rarely used them. 90% of them were "just in case something comes up" links so I'd have ready access to information, but I had so many it was becoming counter productive. I had them as organized as I could but they were so numerous that it wasn't easy to find anything so it was almost as if I didn't have them anyway. As time goes on I'm sure I'll find I miss some.

In any case, on we go, hopefully this will give me a fresh start rather than frustration :)

Christopher Taylor

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