Monday, November 15, 2010


CNBC presents a quandary to readers in a recent poll:

Where Would You Cut: Social Security, Medicare or Defense?

Most fiscal conservatives should see the flaw with this, but it might not be obvious to everyone. The poll only allows you to pick one, when the truth is the federal government has gotten so bloated and obscene everything needs trimming. That wouldn't even necessarily mean a reduction in services, when any organization gets as huge as the federal government of the US has become, there is always fat and waste and misuse of funds and confusion that results in expenses that can be cut.

The answer, CNBC, is "all of the above" but that's not what they want to see. I strongly suspect that what they want is for people to argue about what should be cut and nothing at all be cut, instead for taxes to raise and the government to continue to bloat.

Conservatives all too often reject military cuts; I say we need cuts in the military and everything else. Leftists all too often reject anything but military cuts. That's simply absurd, there's waste everywhere.

The only question is whether the guys in congress have the will to start making small cuts in fringe areas to show it can be done without harming the nation, or whether they'll pile in like usual and spend all over to retain power. My money is on business as usual, sadly.

*Hat tip to Instapundit for this poll. Like he says, expect lots of this to start up soon as the usual suspects try to deflect away from doing their job.

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Unknown said...

I would say start with salaries and then try a flat 3% on the the others and see where we end up.