Wednesday, November 03, 2010


"Republicans didn't completely win every seat in both houses, so they basically lost"

Well the election is over, with Republicans taking over the House of Representatives (like 1994) and at least half a dozen seats in the Senate. These huge gains are historical and very impressive, but expect the left to downplay them and mock their size.

I remember well in 2002 when Democrats were humiliated in the midterm elections, Jon Stewart bravely got on TV and moved some M&Ms around on his desk trying to make it seem like nothing special had happened. His Raised Eyebrow of Hipster Irony© was meant to soothe fearful leftists. Expect something like that to happen again tonight.

Greg Sargent was so baffled by what is happening politically he tweeted:
Can anyone cite a single piece of poll data showing that the "elitism" charge has stuck to Obama or showing that's why Dems are in trouble?
Which seems to miss the point entirely about the election; but undaunted he posted on the Plum (sic) Line at the Washington Post several talking points. Yes, that's exactly what he labels them, things to memorize and repeat when the topic comes up. Expect to see these from leftists on various blogs:
  1. The DNC and president worked real hard to minimize the losses and set up victories despite the political mood
  2. Democrats still held on to the Senate
  3. Republicans got money from undisclosed special interest donations from shadowy groups but Democrats got their money from everyday Americans
  4. Lots of people go to the Presidents speeches so he's still liked
  5. People still don't like Republicans very much
  6. Midterms always go against the president's party
  7. Republicans are ignoring their responsibility to govern because they won't do what Obama wants
Many of the talking points were just "hey don't hate Democrats we worked really hard, please vote" stuff, as it was posted yesterday, but the above seven still apply and will be hammered until they focus-group another set.

Some other predictable talking points:
  • the election can't have been about Obama or the Republicans would have taken the Senate, too.
  • it wasn't much of a victory because some Democrats won.
  • Reid, Frank, and Boxer were all reelected, so people don't hate the leftist ideas that much.
  • Tea party extremists Angell and O'Donnell were both beaten, so Palin's influence is overrated.
What they won't do is rethink their policies and ideas, step back and consider that maybe America just doesn't like what they want to do, and change. Now, I wouldn't expect people who truly believe what they say to do so but... that's what they commanded Republicans to do in 2009.

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