Friday, October 22, 2010


"Juan Williams fired from government-funded NPR for exercising his First Amendment rights. Government officials strangely silent."

Juan Williams was fired from NPR by admitting that conspicuously Arabic clothed men make him nervous on a plane, something likely all his coworkers agree with. What about some other statements which carried no repercussions whatsoever such as:
Just as long as you don't upset the protected religion of Islam, you can say pretty much anything you want on NPR, apparently.

Honestly I think the biggest problem is that he said what he did on Fox News; he gave aid and comfort to NPR's enemy: Americans who disagree with them politically.

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Unknown said...

Much hubbub about nothing. He said what he said. NPR was free to do what they did. FOX was free to hire him for more money then he was paid before and the masquerade continues. It is just pick a side of the fence and collect a paycheck for these news personalities.