Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"Sassy and sexy but not slutty Halloween costume ideas"

The calendar getting around time for Halloween parties again. This time Halloween is actually on the weekend, so people will be having plenty of party time to look forward to. Over the years, this has turned from a sort of masquerade ball into a trashy slutfest, though. Girls dress up in naughty versions of everything, like naughty pirate and naughty girl scout (!), naughty ninja, naughty referee, naughty ghost, you name it. The trashier and sluttier the costume, the more likely it is to find a girl wearing it.

And yes, it reaches down to young girls too, with naughty outfits for young and pre-teens. Disturbing as that is, I wanted to focus on something else here, though. I read (and cannot find again) an article that explained part of the reason for these sexy outfits. The girl complained that she wore a zombie outfit that wasn't "naughty" to a party last year and didn't meet anyone because she didn't look sexy.

Now, maybe I'm just old or out of touch or clueless, but I thought the purpose behind a party was to have fun. Apparently I'm wrong, the purpose is to hook up with someone for meaningless sex, my mistake. Apparently people don't go to parties to laugh and enjoy themselves after a long week of work, its to meet up with someone, and its a failure if you don't do so.

And in a way I guess I understand; most people spend as much time of every day as possible doing things fun and enjoyable, treating work as the horrible slavery you have to do as quickly as you can with as little effort as you can so you can get to the good part of the day. Since everything has become so convenient, fast, and easy in modern culture, people have a lot of free time and spend the bulk of it on entertainment.

So parties aren't so much a break from the drudgery and labor of the day as a way to try to find someone to do things you can't do by yourself. Involving physical pleasure, of course, since being happy, comfortable, and healthy are the highest goals of modern culture.

I just miss the idea of getting together to have some fun and laugh a bit. Maybe that never was the point of parties and I am just too innocent to realize that.

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