Monday, October 25, 2010


That's what Bilbo Baggins hates!

Some of the casting has been completed and announced for The Hobbit, which is still wallowing in legal struggles. Most of the main characters have been cast (and there's a lot of people to cast), and it looks like they're doing what I would have in their place: casting British TV and movie people. There's a lot of great actors and actresses in England and Australia and they tend to get ignored by Hollywood. That's a deep pool to pull from for the characters rather than teaching some American to fake an accent.

Martin Freeman from Shaun of the Dead and The Office (the British original) is Bilbo Baggins. Richard Armitage from British TV (MI-5, Guy of Gisbourne from the new woeful Robin Hood show) will be Thorin Oakenshield. Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving return as elven royalty Galadriel and Elrond, respectively; Ian McKellan returns as Gandalf, and Andy Serkis returns as the voice and physical inspiration for CGI Gollum. Sylvester McCoy is rumored to be cast as Radagast, a character mentioned briefly in the books but never shown (likely part of the second Hobbit movie which is "Peter Jackson invents Tolkien's story"). McCoy played the Doctor (Dr Who) in 1989 and has done a lot of BBC work but is not well known outside England.

The other Dwarves cast so far: Graham McTavish as Dwalin, Aidan Turner as Fili, Robert Kazinsky as Kili, Mark Hadlow as Dori, John Callen as Oin, Stephen Hunter as Bombur, and Peter Hambleton as Gloin (the father of Gimli the dwarf).

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