Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Broken is the promise, betrayal
-Metallica, "The God That Failed"

Ace of Spades HQ posted a video from back when Obama was elected. Its a creepy collection of President Obama and the imagery, attitudes of people, and quotes from followers that cross the line between admiration to creepy worship and adoration. Its set to Depeche Mode's "Your Own Personal Jesus" and it hits exactly the right note showing exactly why so many of us were so deeply disturbed by the campaign and its 40's era dictatorship iconography. Ace lost track of the video but was able to dig it up again and here it is for you to watch:

You don't see so much of that worship and god-king imagery these days. In fact, for a theme that fits now more than back then: Metallica, "The God That Failed."

When you promise too much, eventually you'll always fail - something I've learned in my life several times. Obama promised everything.

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