Wednesday, October 06, 2010


When Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN, anyone who'd had to suffer through his idiocy breathed a sigh of relief. After all, this is the news channel that did so well during 9/11 and even desert storm, despite the fog of war and distractions like the "milk factory" and Peter Arnett's desperate treason and obeisance to the Iraqi government. Having a bozo like Sanchez even given any air time at all cheapened the network and made it seem shabby and unprofessional.

Sanchez wasn't fired because he attacked Jews or Jon Stewart, he was fired because he's incompetent and idiotic. He was only hired in the first place, as near as I can figure, because he was good looking, sounded good on TV, and was Cuban (one of the few leftist ones in America). They couldn't just can the guy without hearing cries of racism, so they waited for the first chance they could that would negate that cry.

The problem is, The same week Sanchez was fired, they aired a show with Kathleen (who?) Parker and Elliot "Client #9" Spitzer. This pairing of the latest alleged conservative to adore Obama and attack anything to the right of Jane Fonda with a disgraced former governor is difficult to understand. Its as if the CNN guys are trying to make their network look sleazy and idiotic, like they want it to be more like the Star and less like a reputable, reliable news source.

Fox News has enough celebrity gossip and lost little girl coverage a night to fill ten copies of People magazine, does CNN really want to slouch even lower than that? Is this what their marketing teaches them will help their sagging ratings? I just cannot believe they think this will help their news be taken more seriously.

You just have to wonder what Rick Sanchez thinks of all this, being fired when that team is hired.

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