Friday, October 29, 2010


Oooh I wanna be there in my city...

As an artist and a writer, I live in the hopes that my creations will find a wider audience and be appreciated. I don't hope this out of some ego or desire for personal attention but because my work is kind of like my children and I want them to be appreciated and loved for themselves.

Here's the San Francisco audience last night at the World Series, singing Journey's song "Lights". Steve Perry, lead singer for Journey was there and is on the jumbotron:

When 43,000 strangers sing along to your song totally without prompting and easily remembering the words... that's probably the finest tribute a songwriter can have.

Not watching the World Series? You should be. Its our passtime in America, and its a great show.

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eric said...

I can't say that I've watched any of the Series this year, but I was in Ft. Worth last weekend for the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering & Western Swing Festival, and I have to give thanks to the Rangers for keeping everyone in Arlington Friday night so I could get a good seat at the Ranch Rodeo. ;-)