Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I haven't written about the new Democratic Party logo yet because, frankly, words elude me. I find myself unable to even put into words how pathetic this thing is. Especially when combined with the 2 day build up to the logo release I can't help but think of a phrase kids grossly overuse but which in this case seems to fit: EPIC FAIL.

I guess its supposed to be like a brand, the Circle-D logo? Maybe they're trying to connect Obama's creepy icon with the party more directly? Is it a copyright symbol with one letter off? I don't know.

In lieu of any substantive comment, I'm just going to offer you a few alternatives to the pathetic logo which other, more talented and witty folks have come up with. Such as this one from Ace of Spades HQ:
D MinusHere's a few from the twisted mind of Stoaty Weasel:


Death Star
Deer in the headlights
Slash D
And finally, a commenter at S. Weasel's place offers this demotivator:

Toilet D

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Larry Sheldon said...

I am reminded of the days leading up to 1/1/84 when the Bell System was to be shattered.

There were countless meetings for one thing or another, always held in a darkened room with an overhead projector where countless "foils" were projected via a 45 degree mirror that was never quite right so everything was a slightly out of focus trapezoid (this was pre-power point and the cost of 35mmslides was prohibitive).

One of the meetings was for the purpose of introducing the new ATT logo which was supposed to be some sort of a striped globe, I guess.

But what I saw, and see to this day is the grille for the cooling fan on the back of the projector.

I swear that logo image projected exactly matched what those of us in the F rows behind the projector saw on the back of the projector.