Tuesday, September 07, 2010

REAL MEN COOK 18 (Meat Muffins)

Meat Muffins
While I love hamburgers and could eat them pretty much every day, after a while they do get a bit repetitive, and it is hard to get good beef on the west coast. So sometimes you want to jazz things up a bit. Sometimes, you're out of hamburger buns and while a slice of bread can do, most bread isn't thick or resilient enough to handle the load. And sometimes you just want something different.

Thus, the stuffed burger. There are several ways to do this, but my favorite involves a muffin tin, and that means you're making meat muffins. You will need:
dill relish/chopped dill pickles
You'll also need to get past the idea of putting meat into your muffin tin. Hint: you will not need liners, as the burgers are greasy enough to separate easily.

Divide your hamburger up as if you were making burgers normally. Instead of frying them out, lay each burger on the muffin tin one at a time over one of the muffin "sockets," and mold it to the interior. What you want here is an even, thin layer of burger around all the sides and bottom, leaving a cavity in the middle. Whatever is left over out the top of the depression, cut away and reserve. Do the same to all the muffin sockets until you've got one lined for each burger you prepared.

Now, take a spoon and spoon in mustard to each hamburger pocket, leaving about a third of it empty. When you have each one partly filled, fill the rest with relish (and any other adds), and salt and pepper each burger. Take the remaining hamburger and create small patties the size of each burger "muffin" and seal them off with the burger. Clean up the spilled mustard and such off the tin.

Stick this whole deal in the oven at 450 for 10-20 minutes depending on your oven and how thin you got the burger, it might even take longer but this cooks a lot faster than meatloaf. Serve individual patties without need for any buns or bread!

  • Mix in some barbecue sauce - not much, because it is so sweet - to the mustard
  • minced onions or onion powder
  • minced garlic or garlic powder
  • Grated cheese
  • chopped jalepenos
  • chopped olives (these last three together make nacho burgers)
The only real drawback to this (other than being slightly fussy) is that the muffin tin is a mess and it takes some cleaning to get it back into dessert-making status. You can make these without the muffin tin, and they turn out well but you'll need a grilling pan and some practice at forming the burgers together which is a bit more tricky. I prefer the meat muffin version.!

Next week if I can remember I'll tell how to make Mashed Potato Salad, which goes really well with burgers of any kind.

This is part of the Real Men Cook series.


Larry said...

Disposable foil muffin tins. Perfect for this.

PatAZ said...

Also, if you spray Pam inside the muffin tins as well as all over the edges, it will not be such a mess and they will come out easier. These sound really good.