Monday, September 13, 2010


"Charles needs help, and I hope he gets treatment."

I try to avoid writing about really spectacular crashing net personalities and their idiotic attention-grabbing schemes. Andrew Sullivan's lunatic fixation on Sarah Palin's children for instance, I have barely touched on because its my opinion that the less attention paid someone like that, the more compassionate it is toward their mental disability. And honestly, if everyone ignored Sullivan, he'd dry up and blow away which would be best for everyone involved. This includes you, Drudge, with your high profile Sullivan link.

Another loopy blogger that has gotten a lot of right blogging attention is Charles Johnson from the Little Green Footballs blog. Formerly famous for his assault on the hilariously false 60 minutes TANG memo that purported to prove President Bush was AWOL 30 years ago, in the last three years Johnson has gone off the rails in a catastrophic way.

To save time and have a spot people can learn about what happened to Johnson and his blog, as well as shame him for attempting the cardinal sin of blogging (trying to bury edits and pretend you never wrote something you regret), I want to link a very comprehensive post at the Wrist Action blog. Not only has he brought together a compilation of such activity as this:
  • first charles dumped the cox and forkum masthead, which depicted a "hippie" leaping into the arms of a masked hamas soldier to avoid a bouncing green football.
  • then he disappeared the "lgf dictionary," which included charming terms such as "oil tic," "splodeydope," "car swarm," "koranimal," "RoP," "saint pancake" and a definition of "racism" which suggested that racism is an imaginary phenomenon which liberals invoke when they are losing an argument.
  • then he banned everyone he had spent six years hat-tipping
  • then he went back and deleted the comments. tens of thousands.
and that's just the tip of the iceberg, but he did so based on comments he's gotten in the past from various readers at his site, mentioning all the whacky things Johnson has been doing lately.

Basically, Charles Johnson is trying to erase his neocon past, pretend it never existed, and present himself as a lefty. He's been burned over and over again by people who see some post like him saying "anyone who claims x is an idiot and a lunatic!" then quoting him previously saying that exact thing in his comments section - to be deleted and banned - and on other blogs while shaking their heads sadly.

This is the internet. It never goes away when you post something. You cannot run from your past online, not like he's trying to. I just don't care to pay him or any other blogger like Juan Cole who just decided being on the right was too much trouble and too much abuse from their lefty friends. So don't expect anything more from me on the topic.

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Mother Effingby said...

There's the internet archive's wayback machine. I remember when the Allahpundit was seriously threatened, and deleted his account and all those wonderful photoshops of Howard Dean and all. It exists, sans photos, in the wayback machine.