Friday, September 24, 2010


I don't have a Word Around The Net wrapup this week as I'm at the coast and this is being posted by time delay via a nifty Blogger feature. So instead, I'll just give you a few lists.

Here's some TV shows I think you will enjoy if you aren't watching them already:

Holmes on Holmes
Undercover Boss
Burn Notice
White Collar
The Glades
Good Eats

Web Comics you might want to give a try:

Day by Day
Being Five
Girl Genius
Doghouse Diaries

If you like Star Wars you should catch these as well:

Darths & Droids
Blue Milk Special

And finally I want to put in another plug for my book Snowberry's Veil. A friend who read the book gave it this review on
"It's just a little escort mission...what could go wrong?"

Erkenbrand is a King's Ranger, tasked with protecting those on the fringes of the kingdom, where the King's law does reach, but sometimes more slowly than is effective. Woods, wilds, animals and trailblazing are his specialty; dealing with people, not so much--so to find himself growing fond of the fair Thealea takes him a bit by surprise. Things are just starting to get interesting in that foreign arena when fearsome Beastmen interrupt Erkenbrand's scouting one day.

Separated from the caravan and injured, can Erkenbrand make it back to finish the escort job? Suddenly without a guide, will the caravan come to some Awful End, or will the fates smile upon everyone in the end? And just who is Snowberry?

Buy Snowberry's Veil to find out!

--If you're looking for World Spanning Epic Fantasy, this ain't it. A small tale about a few people, told simply yet may be a new genre, I'll call it MicroFantasy. Give it a shot.
I think you'll like it, even if you don't care for fantasy.

And that's not the Word Around the Net, September 24, 2010


Chris Muir said...


Anonymous said...

ed in texas

Thought I'd pass this along.
I decided to, what the hey, go ahead and buy the book. Even go Amazon, so the kick-back runs.

They don't seem to able to get a copy. Three weeks on, still not a clue as to ship date.

Just sharing.

Anonymous said...

ed in texas

Final comment.
One month on, Amazon says Snowberry "will not be available", and cancels the order.

Moving right along...