Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Seriously, can she be any worse?"

Christine O'Donnell
Christine O'Donnell is hardly an ideal candidate. Her past is riddled with oddities and inconsistencies, and she seems less than completely informed on some of the basic aspects of her job. Yet she won over 9-term veteran Mike Castle in Delaware's primary election last night, winning the Republican Party nomination for the Senate.

Here's the thing: people have been saying over and over again for years now that they agree with the old line that we'd be better governed by 500 or so random people out of the phone book than the jokers we have in office now. Finally, voters are starting to follow through on this. Is O'Donnell really qualified to be in the Senate? Not from what I've seen. But neither is Mike Castle, apparently, given his continual disregard for the will of his constituents and damage done to the economy and country by his votes.

Look, I don't want a congress made up of people like Al Franken and Christine O'Donnell, but then I don't want it made up of people like Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, and Jack Murtha, either. I want the worthless, corrupt dinosaurs out of there, and if it takes a few weirdos and bozos to get that done, I'm all for it. We can clean up later; there's always another election. The time for some serious change has come and past several cycles ago and its only now that people are finally starting to step up to the challenge.

Republicans are kicking their party leadership and the old guard in the teeth. The only question is whether the Democratic Party voters will ever start to follow suit or if they'll keep putting the same losers and dinosaurs they've been reelecting back into office or not. The country's future is in their hands as much as Republican voters now. Will you step up to the plate, or will you just write this one off? You had a chance in the primaries to make a difference and failed to pick better, newer, and fresher ideas. Now you have a chance in the general election. This November, will you vote for more of the same or something new?

You tried it in 2008 with a liar named Obama, he promised change and brought the same old failed ideas. Will you try it again, or will you panic and vote for the safe, comfortable, and reliable, even if what you can rely on is failure and corruption?

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