Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I've mentioned a few times here that I do some freelance art, and while I haven't actually sold a piece for a while now I still keep working on my own materials. Presently I'm working on a book of monsters for my fantasy role playing setting, the book is pretty well finished except the art which is a fairly large project because there are so many creatures. Just in case people are curious what kind of art I do, here's a few samples.

DemonStorm Ape
Ambush SpiderWolfen
The bestiary art tends to be much simpler than some of my other work because it is illustrative and meant to show what the creatures are like rather than be a stand alone piece of art. Here's some more detailed and significant art I've done in the past as well:

Companion Wolves
Meteor Strike
Ancestor WarningDragon Rocket
Mars CliffsBraves in Space
Battering Ram SpellErasure Spell

So now you have some idea of the kind of art I do when I'm not writing. All this art is copyright Christopher Taylor and Kestrel Arts, but this being the internet, feel free to steal and reuse it all you want. Just if you put it in anything that makes money send me a piece. To end with I'll leave you with a piece I'm especially fond of:

Knights Planar


eric said...

Good stuff, C_T. You ever tried your hand at political cartoons?

Christopher Taylor said...

Never really tried that, it takes a different sort of style and approach, more iconic and caricature based and I've never been good at that. Frankly I'm not sure where they get all their ideas.