Monday, August 30, 2010


"Blue states opposed to helping service members pursue their right to vote. Imagine that."

Too Late Ballot
A few weeks back in the Word Around the Net weekly roundup I wrote about the MOVE Act and the attempt by many states to get a waiver so they don't have to mail soldiers their ballots on time. Well the Pentagon has made its decisions and J Christian Adams at Pajamas Media has the story:
Washington, despite having plenty of time after an August 17 primary to get the job done, received a waiver today. Washington was unwilling to change their schedule of ballot preparation to allow for 45 days mailing time. Though modern printing technology makes the Washington waiver unnecessary, it was granted.

Delaware election director Elaine Manlove says the state can get ballots out in time — but applied for a waiver “just in case.” Delaware’s waiver was motivated by caution, but caution isn’t a basis for the granting of a waiver. The law says “undue hardship.” However, waiver granted.

Rhode Island shared Delaware’s risk aversion: Spokesman Chris Barnett says they asked for a waiver in case they had a recount in the primary. A hypothetical “undue hardship.” Waiver granted.

Since MOVE passed last October, Massachusetts did nothing to adjust their late September 14 primary to comply. (This was the same state that introduced and passed legislation in mere days so that Senator Paul Kirk could be sworn in to vote for ObamaCare. The legislature previously stripped Republican Mitt Romney of the power to appoint replacements and required a special election.) It’s a shame soldiers aren’t as important as Senator Kirk’s vote was. Waiver granted.

New York sought a waiver. No surprise there: seven years after the passage of the Help America Vote Act of 2002, New York still wasn’t in compliance. Waiver granted.
The waivers being granted sometimes seem to be a bit sketchy, given the criteria for it, but one thing that's a sad fact is that the military guys in the pentagon aren't quite the same type as the military guys out in the field and sometimes politics and your personal agenda trump the job and the men fighting and dying for liberty.

Four states had their requests denied, according to the Palm Beach Post. Wisconsin, Hawaii, Alaska and Colorado, plus the District of Columbia and the U.S. Virgin Islands had their requests for waivers denied. Honestly this really annoys me. Unless there's been some huge catastrophe like a killer hurricane, nobody should need a waiver. Its not like these elections sneak up on anyone and candidates are filed months ahead of time.

But a lot of states have Democrats in charge of the elections offices and Democrat secretaries of state, and they're none too fond of the overseas military vote. Its 70% or higher Republican and in a year like this, they want as few Republicans as possible voting.

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