Wednesday, July 21, 2010


For a time in late 2010 and early 2011 I wrote for the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone. The Opinion Zone is that newspaper's blog, and its the first for-pay work I've done online (discounting the slight ad revenue google ads once generated). The work I have posted on the Opinion Zone I typically repost on Word Around the Net a few days later, and I want to compile them all in one place for easy access. So that's what this post is, and it will be regularly updated with new additions.

Oily Politics Continue
I'd Rather Be Fighting The Man
Going Holmes
Hollywood And History
Disunity And The Right
On Competition
Don't Get Too Excited
The Death of Wisdom
High Voltage
Trickle Down Economics
Elderly Abuse
Questioning Homocon
The Unexpected News
Injustice In America
Don't Know Much About History
Muslim Nation
In The Red Zone
Limiting Freedom
Unrecognized Bigotry
Civility Update
Green Misery
Union Friends
Gas Pains Return
The Left and the Owls
Regulating The Environment
Green Capitalism
Playing Politics With Hate
Its You vs The Ones In Power
Another Sort of Greed
The New Anarchist
Expel the DOE
Reporting on the Economy
Free Speech in a Time of War
The Climate Industrial Complex
Playing the Hero in Wisconsin
Let Them Drive Volts
No Brown Bag for You
Obama's Sudden Longing for Anonymity
Signing Away the Constitution?
For Your Own Good, pt 38941
Whose Budget Gets Cut?
Candidate Obama's Finance Follies
Certified Politics
Envy vs Merit
Slavery is Still Among Us
Debt Hypocrisy
Oil Subsidies and the Truth
No Honor in This Appointment
The Vindication of President Bush
Dude, Where's My Inflation?
Dude Smells Like a Lady
Your Own Private Recession
An Indiana Man's Home is Not His Castle
The Music Must Change
Overselling Obama, Again
Another Overreach By The Executive Branch
The Art of the Possible
How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love High Gas Prices
The High Cost of Uncertainty
Real Americans
The Rest of the Stories
What Bono Teaches Us About Government
Taxes And Revenue, A Refresher
The New Language of Racism

Which is a lot more than I recall writing, to be honest. And I left a few off the list here because they were re-writes of previous WATN posts. I guess I was more prolific than I thought. It was fun while it lasted, and I certainly needed the money, scant as it was.

For the full Opinion Zone list of my articles you can head over to the Examiner site.

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