Wednesday, October 21, 2009


"I know I only have four questions left but..."
-CSI 1 Ronnie Lake

CSI Lake
I like CSI, the Miami show is pretty lousy, but the New York and Las Vegas ones are great. Even with several key members of the team leaving, the original CSI still has been good stuff, although I do miss Grissom. The thing is, I don't watch TV when shows come on, I don't have a schedule I keep. I don't watch a lot of TV period unless I'm not feeling well to begin with. So I watch CSI when I can on Spike and other channels, on re runs.

So I don't exactly catch them in order. Most of the time that's fine but sometimes it is a bit confusing. Something I wondered about was the character Ronnie Lake, introduced in season 8 in the episode Go To Hell. She was a perky, pretty, and bubbly girl full of questions who rubbed Sarah Sidle the wrong way. I liked her right away, she was interesting and like all the characters subtly unique. Then she wasn't around any more. I just figured I'd missed a show where she got killed (its happened before on CSI, twice now, starting with the very first espiode).

It turns out Ronnie Lake was in just four episodes:
  • Go To Hell
  • The Case of the Cross Dressing Carp
  • The Chick Chop Flick Shop
  • Goodbye and Good Luck
Then she's never back. The final episode she was in, Sarah Sidle leaves the CSI team, putting a note on Ronnie's locker saying "good luck" in the very last shot of the episode. She's just not there the next show, without explanation. She's not back that season, or the following two seasons. Why? I can't find anything on the internet to explain it, just a lot of people asking the same question.

The actress who played Ronnie Lake is named Jessica Lucas and she's still alive and getting plenty of work. She was in Cloverfield, and she's been in both remakes of 90210 and Melrose Place. At 24 she's at that age that they cast her both as an adult and as a teen, depending on the role they want. So why did she leave CSI or did they kick her off?

Here's the strange twist: the her appearance on the show coincides with the beginning of the writer's strike of 2007 and her disappearance around the time it was over. Was she something that scab writers came up with, or was she something a writer developed then thought over and decided to dump during the strike?

Her character's name - Ronnie Lake - was from Veronica Lake, the blonde bombshell actress who was in such movies as This Gun For Hire.

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