Monday, June 29, 2009


"What the hell did we do to these people with the atomic bomb??"

Do you own a body pillow? You know, those big long ones that are something you can hug or have against your back while you sleep? I don't care for one, but I understand a lot of people buy them. In Japan, those are called dakimakura; "hugging pillows." They are a pretty big industry in Japan, with a typically Japanese twist: you can buy removable covers. Covers with manga and anime characters printed on them, life-sized characters. Such as this:

Dakimakura girl
Usually they are girls, scantily clad or just plain naked. They have two sides, of course, although they aren't mirror images. Usually the character is peeking over their shoulder. Never fear girls, you can get dakimakura too:

At least he's not as feminine looking as most manga guys who are supposed to be sexy. These are fairly tame examples. In Japan, the pillow can be used for... well let's just not go there.

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vanderleun said...

I have one, but it only sports a plain brown velvet cover.