Tuesday, December 23, 2008


PM Cover
When I was a kid, my dad had lots of old Popular Mechanics magazines. He had scores of them, collected from when he was in the military and shortly after, in the 40's and 50's. It was a smaller back then, and thicker like a Farmer's Almanac. The stories and content were largely the same, how to and fix it articles, articles on new gadgets, articles on how things were made, schematics and blueprints, and lots of interesting ads in the back.

What happened to all those magazines I do not know, I wish I had them to look at today. They were not just a connection to what was to me a distant past (and really only a decade or so before I was born), but a connection to my father.

Thus, when Instapundit linked to a site with an archive of old Popular Mechanics magazines on it you can read, I was very pleased. They have archived copies of the magazine courtesy Google books all the way back to 1901, and you can read every article. I remember many of the covers in the linked section, and I remember being fascinated by some of the articles.

I still like Popular Mechanics, but those old ones have a special place for me. go take a look at yesterday's future gadgets and the articles of the past!

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Eric said...

That's awesome, I will have to check out the old issues.

The magazine that I connect with my father is "OMNI". He had a subscription all through the 80's and I used to spend hours thumbing through his older issues. Always liked the short sci-fi stories they would sometimes run.