Thursday, October 16, 2008


Chef Robert
Why is it that almost all of the great chefs of the world are men? Why do most cooking shows feature men rather than women? Why is it that most head chefs and cooks at restaurants are men? And why is it that people think of women as cooks and men as clods that burn the boiled water and can't make toast?

Men cook; real men cook real food. From the camp cook at the trail drive to the head chef at a 5 star restaurant, men cook. And since I love to cook, I've been putting up recipes from the simple and silly to the more complex over the years. This is a spot for me to link to and put all my posts in one spot for easy access and retrieval.

1: Guacamole
2: Tater Cakes
3: Fast Recipes
4: Skillets
5: Instant Potato Soup
6: Caribbean Lime Chicken
7: Home made Microwave Popcorn
8: Lemon Fried Chicken
9: Eggnog
10: Quick Chili
11: Chili Cake
12: Salad Dressing
13: Denver Sandwich
14: Yogurt Cheese
15: Toasted Sandwiches
16: Deviled Eggs
17: Goldenrod
18: Meat Muffins
19: Mashed Potatoes
20: Supplies - Knives
21: Supplies - Spices
22: Mistral Salad
23: Cucumber Salads
24: En Papillote
25: French Fries
26: Popcorn Grits
27: Rice Pancakes
28: Sugar-Free Barbecue Sauce
29: Egg Salad Sandwich
20: Secret Recipes, I
21: Bistro Spaghetti
Happy Cooking!

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