Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Let's play a game! You decide if each picture is of a model, or of an Auschwitz prisoner:

Number one

Number two

Number three

Number four

Number five

And the answer?

All five are fashion models! Don't they look so happy and healthy?

1: Natalie Keyser
2: Allyson Ertel
3: Allison Whitman
4: Abbie Gortsema
5: Unknown

Wasn't there a time when models were supposed to be pretty rather than make you feel pity? An average model is around 5'9 and weighs.... 110 pounds. Elite Modeling Agency (who all these models work for except possibly number 5) already has gotten in trouble recently when a BBC expose filmed men pressuring models as young as thirteen into sex and drugs.

Why does this work? Because of the top ten most well-paid women on earth, most of them are or were models. Because it gives you fame, wealth, access to hip parties, travel to exciting places, and fabulous (?) clothes. All you have to give up is your dignity, virtue, and self-worth.

The aspect of this I cannot figure out is why girls seem to think that this is what guys want or how they should look. Does any man they know look at a skeleton like this and say "man she's hot!" Are they pressured by anyone to look this way?

I see these girls I don't want to take them on a date or to bed, I want to take them to Burger King and stuff them full of food and give them hugs. They look utterly miserable.
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Anonymous said...

The 5th one is Gisele. The pic has been photoshopped, Gisele is healthy. You can't see her ribs.
Anyway...Allyson Ertel is the most shocking.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Keyser is very happy and healthy.
You dont know what you are talking about. She eats all the time.
So dont go and judge naturally skinny people before you know them!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Keyser IS NOT Anorexic. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are prolly just fat and jealous. So go eat a salad. and stop bashing skinny people and Elite. Because Elite is one of the biggest modeling Agencies in the world. Do you really think they would starve Them? Yeah, No.
Get a life fatty.

Anonymous said...

Alright. Let's get some things strait..

Abbie Gortsema is most definitly NOT anorexic either! You people need to stop judging these poor girls and accept the fact that they ARE skinny, and that they ARE beautiful. Believe it or not, some girls are BORN naturally skinny. Abbie is tall and thin. It's the way that she was born. She happens to be a great friend of mine and i know for a fact that all this talk is not only damaging her socially, but also mentally.

How do you know that by talking about girls like this isn't making them feel pressured to BE skinny, which may even make them starve themselves now even if they weren't before?

It's sad that sites like this just love to gossip. It only hurts the models and makes you look bad.

So please stop. I don't want my friend to end up miserable after all this.

Anonymous said...

#4 on the right is Abbie Gortsema. As the parent of one of her friends, I've known Abbie since she was 5 years old. She is naturally tall and thin, now 6' 1" at 15 years. Abbie eats normally, plays basketball and volleyball and is a great kid. Abbie spends most days running around in casual clothes, little makeup and hair in a ponytail. This is just one picture in her portfolio and reflects the designer's image, not Abbie's true self.

I would never advocate eating disorders and neither would she. In fact it is disturbing for Abbie to be accused of it. Her friends and family help her ignore such nasty comments. Please take time to get facts before pointing fingers. In an attempt to help you have instead hurt.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Natalie keyser is a very healthy girl. Maybe you should learn how to get to know people before you go off and judge them.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Keyser is amazing, she's just a naturally skinny girl. It's not her fault that she was born with a thin figure.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Keyser is a wonderful person with a very healthy eating habit.(Take it from someone who has known her her whole life) Stop putting up stupid websites that completely bash people who have no control over their skinny figure.

Anonymous said...

You really have no idea how much pain you have caused instead of help. These models certainly are not anorexic nor bulimic. You have hurt many girls by posting comments which obviously prove that you have no idea what exactly happens in the industry of fashion. You clearly have no facts, you have assumptions. In my eyes, Natalie Keyser and Allison Whitman have sexy bodies in which i would love to take home.

Anonymous said...

These women are grossly skeletal and unhealthy, you can tell with just a glance. The fact that you think they're hot doesn't change that in any sense.

As the article states "An average model is around 5'9 and weighs.... 110 pounds."

And in no way in any place does it state taht any of them are suffering from eating disorders, nor does it imply that any have bulimia or anorexia.

Perhaps you should spend some time looking at a mirror rather than this blog and wonder why you assumed it was so.

Anonymous said...

"These models certainly are not anorexic nor bulimic."

Who said they were?

Annabel said...

I am completely with you, and was actually shocked to see all of these comments against what you said. I'm female, so maybe I don't have a lot of room to talk, but I don't know that it would be terribly fun to take one of these girls to bed. It would be painful, in fact. I've had a thin boyfriend (though not as thin as any of these girls) and sex with him left me with bruises from his hip bones. Unless you're a masochist (because sex with one would hurt you), or a sadist (because these girls are obviously dying), I see no reason to be sexually attracted to these girls. Girls commenting- you're deranged. Guys- you're even worse. And I don't give a shit if this would hurt the feelings of the models, because a.) they put themselves out there for public criticism, and b.) they KNOW that they're causing girls to kill themselves, at least mentally, to become thin.

Anonymous said...

When models are so terribly thin they are either very natural or very sick (quite obviously). If they're in their teens, it's highly likely it's their natural build. But speaking from experience, it's definitely not uncommon for an agency to point blank tell a model she's fat because she's 2 lbs over her target weight.
Who are we to judge? If there's one thing I hate it's the cultural okayness with the objectification of a female's body.
These girls are beautiful and quite successful, good for them. Their health is their business and if there's some issue...nobody is forcing them to model.

Anonymous said...

Natalie keyser is not in any form dangerously anorexic or bulimic.
'Let's play a game! You decide if each picture is of a model, or of an Auschwitz prisoner:'
This is harassment.
It is such a crime to be naturally thin? in which all of these models are. They are looked at every single day, for their weight and height, you are not making it easier for them to live their lives. I know every single one of these models, in fact i am one myself, Overall, I have met tons of models in castings , on the street, shows, editorials, etc. 3, out of the thousands i met have had eating disorders, and NONE of these girls were any of the 3. Stereotypical people like you make this industry of modeling bad, and do give models bad names. Its a job. They shouldn't have to hear anymore critism then what they have to hear daily.
These girls are abolutely gorgeous. There is NO 'average' model. every single model is different. stop judging. stop hating. you are just making this world harder and harder to live in.

Anonymous said...

Delusion is a sad, sad thing. These women are grossly undernourished and insanely thin. You need to take a long look in the mirror if you think this is beautiful or normal.

Anonymous said...

As Natalie Keyser's SISTER, knowing her my entire life, and watching her grow up into a talented, smart, young woman, I am appalled that anyone would say such horrible things about her. She DOES NOT have an eating disorder/smoke/do drugs. And nor has Elite asked her to do such things. She is a natrually thin, healthy teenager. You people need to get a life and worry about yourself instead of wasting time judging other younger, more successful people.

Anonymous said...

As Natalie Keyser, knowing myself my whole life, I can tell you that I am, indeed, dangerously undernourished and skeletal because of poor eating habits and continual pressure by Modeling agency heads.

Anonymous said...

That is fake, Natalie Keyser is not anorexic, or bulimic, that last comment is not Natalie Keyser, u people need to get a life. I have known her since 1st grade, she is not anorexic.
she is beautiful and seductive, that picture was of one of her first photoshoots, when she was 14, get a life.

Anonymous said...

this is not a website of "concern" its a website of harassment. Be repectful people.
The stereotype of models is bulimia and anorexia, but its a STEREOTYPE.
Stop hating.

Anonymous said...

That comment above by someone claiming to know me, Natalie Keyser, is a lie! I am in deep trouble because the modeling business won't let me put on any weight and I have to take drugs and eat almost nothing just to keep my job. Girls, don't be like me! Don't believe the hate! Be healthy, not a horrid scarecrow like me!

Anonymous said...

yeah because Natalie Keyser would really write something like that about HERSELF. She is healthy and happy. She has never touched a drug in her life, nor has the modeling agency EVER asked her to. You people are ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show, anyone can claim anything online, especially as an anonymous comment. As far as you know I'm President Obama... or nobody.

But just looking at these girls you can see something is seriously wrong, unless there's something wrong with YOU.

Girl said...

Hi. this it the Alyson Whitman from the pictures. And yes, they spelled my name wrong. I would like to say that this was an incredibly offensive article and as an aspiring journalist I can definitely say it is not any type of real reporting.

On the other hand, Elite Model Management did pressure me to loose weight until it affected my mental state. It has taken me years to get past the body dismorphia that modeling instilled in me. Much of fashion culture makes you feel normal if you are constantly thinking of your weight. There is something to be said for the obsession with thin, and I do believe that real articles should be written about it.

I can also say that I never felt pressured by older men to do drugs or have sex in the modeling world any more than in the normal world. That was a weird thing to throe into this article.

The truth is that most girls I worked with at Elite were sweet, down-to-earth, caring girls. Most of them were more intelligent than the girls I know from my high school because of their broader world experience.

Instead of picking on these girls, let's make a real effort to uncover truths about the fashion world that can lead to positive change.

Sandra said...

so what ur sayig is that you had serious health issues and were compelled to stay super skinny, but its mean and picking on girls to say that is happening?

cause that looks like what ur saying