Monday, May 26, 2008


"I’ve been unabashed about my fondness and, yes, my swooning for Obama."

Worship Obama
Journalists are human, so they are just as inclined to hero worship and admiration of public figures as any other person. However, you'd expect them to be at least as skeptical and distrusting of politicians than the ordinary person. Not so, as Bob Somerby notes in The Daily Howler about swoony reporters:
On Wednesday night, Charlie Rose hosted Kurt Andersen, whose column, Imperial City, appears in New York magazine. (His current effort is entitled, “About that Crush on Obama.”) In our mind, Andersen’s appearance was an embarrassing match for John Judis’ recent TNR piece, the one in which Judis seems to say that one current White House hopeful should be held to a different standard.

Our view? Given the record of the past dozen years, you’d almost think that major journalists would avoid the grisly word, “swoon.” But not Kurt and Charlie—they started right in! This cohort simply never adjusts, no matter how many people get maimed or killed in the wars their dumbness creates.
He goes on to show examples and quotes in the past, particularly by Kurt Anderson who seems to go through crushes like a middle school girl, regarding various politicians. The latest, of course, is Senator Obama who is enjoying an adulation and worship of a simply embarrassing degree by allegedly impartial, skeptical, hardened reporters. If it isn't the video of female reporters mooning and moaning over Obama wearing jeans and posing for them, it's tough, street-hard political reporters gushing about how much they love the guy.

This is just such a repulsive display of not just partisanship but stupid hero worship and adulation that it's shocking anyone in America even wants to watch the news, let alone believe a word they read or hear. read the whole Howler article, it's worth the time, and it isn't that long.


Anonymous said...

"If it isn't the video of female reporters mooning and moaning over Obama wearing jeans and posing for them."

Mooning? You wouldn't happen to have a video link of that would you?

Christopher Taylor said...

Heh not the "yank the pants down" mooning but acting like a mooncalf: a lovestruck teenager.