Tuesday, April 29, 2008


On the subject of movies, if you want quick and easy popcorn but don't care for the expense of microwave popcorn, you don't need the special packets. All it takes is a lunchbag (those smaller paper bags), some bulk popcorn (around 30 cents a pound), a little bit of oil, butter, and salt. Dump enough popcorn into the bottom of the bag to cover it so you see no paper. pour maybe a quarter teaspoon of oil into the bag, close the top with two careful, small folds, and shake it up. Lay this on the side in your microwave and cook for 2-3 minutes, based on how powerful your microwave is.

You'll have to experiment with how long to cook the popcorn, which means the first few times you'll have to be there to watch it. Wait until the popcorn starts to slow cooking, somewhere around here you will need to stop and pull it out. If you wait until the popcorn stops popping entirely, you will get the pleasant aroma of burnt popcorn. Once you get the timing down, you can just use that time each instance and have it done easy.

Next, you need to melt your margarine or butter. Margarine works better in a microwave, it's very hard to melt butter without it separating in the microwave, which ruins its buttery qualities (for this, at least, its useful in other recipes). How much depends on how much popcorn, I use about a quarter stick for a single batch.

Pour the popcorn into a large container or sack, drizzle about a quarter of your melted margarine or butter. Add some salt: not too much, you can add more later if it isn't sufficiently salty, but you can't take it away. Shake the popcorn up, add another dose of butter and a few shakes of salt: repeat four times. By the end, you should have popcorn that is well coated and buttery salty good without having a few sponge-like oversaturated pieces and the rest dry.

Enjoy your cheap microwave popcorn, this takes about 5 minutes, max. Just enough time to avoid the annoying starting stuff on a DVD. Get a bowl, kick back, watch your movie. Some day I'll learn to make popcorn on the stove with oil, that's said to be the absolute best.

This is part of the Real Men Cook series.
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lance said...

Air popped popcorn is the best!! Google it!!