Wednesday, March 26, 2008


"Those berets are a symbol of their solidarity with the Vichy French collaborators"

The "peace" movement is getting increasingly violent and angry, letting their mask slip and showing the hate within that has nothing to do with peace. Here's the latest example, from a clash between West Chester "peace" protesters and A Gathering of Eagles.

Filth like that make the frustrated knight inside me reach for his sword. This is how to spread peace and the alleged message of non violence? A grown man slapping a woman?

Move America Forward has a few recent incidents of "peace" protesters showing their true colors:
  • In Vestal, NY, an incendiary device was thrown at an armed forces recruiting center
  • Toledo, OH - manure dumped on recruiting center.
  • Milwaukee, WI - human feces smeared inside a vandalized recruiting center (that has been subject to multiple acts of vandalism - rocks smashing windows, etc…) In one instance they marched with torches to the recruiting center, set off smoke bombs, and splattered paint across the center.
  • In Rockville, MD, bricks smashed windows of an Air Force recruiting center
  • In NYC, prior to the Times Square bombing, protesters had targeted the recruiting center, shutting it down…rocks thrown at Manhattan recruiting center…and burning rag thrown at Parkchester recruiting center.
  • A San Jose, CA military recruiting center was set on fire.
  • An Asheville, NC center was also set on fire.
  • 8 shots were fired into a Denver, CO recruiting center.
  • In Raleigh-Durham, NC, rocks smashed windows of a recruiting center.
  • In Lufkin, TX, recruiters’ cars were shot at with pellet guns.
  • Hoax bombs were planted at Portland, Astoria, and Salem, OR recruiting centers.
  • A Pipe bomb was planted at a St. Louis, MO recruiting center.
  • A fake bomb was also planted at a Stamford, CT center.
  • In Washington, DC, hundreds stormed the recruiting office at 14th and L and ransacked the office, destroying property.
  • In Silverdale, WA, an antiwar protester slashed 42 tires on recruiting vehicles.
  • At some point you have to realize these guys aren't about peace at all. They're about opposing the United States military, and the US Government. They didn't give a damn about Bosnia and Haiti and Kosovo, and all the other places that the US military was sent during a Democratic Presidency. They didn't throw a fit when President Clinton bombed terrorist sites and WMD production centers around the world. They didn't care because they aren't about peace, they are not anti-war, they're anti-Republican, they are opposed to anything that isn't sufficiently leftist.

    We have Nobel Peace Prize (for what that's worth) winners calling for the violent death of President Bush, bombing of military recuitment centers, and all the events above as proof. Some of these protesters might be about peace; if they are, they need to get away from the company they keep. I suspect for some of these fools the frustration of having Democrats win congress yet do nothing to stop the war other than over fifty meaningless votes to cut off funding and demand the troops come home is pushing them over the edge.

    In the process, they're demonstrating that they are everything they claim to oppose and put their stated goals and principles to lie. Remember: these are the people who vote for Congressmen Pelosi, Murtha, and Reid, and Rangel; these are the people who support Senator Obama for president. Company I think America needs not to keep.

    *hat tip to Melanie Morgan for this story[technorati icon]

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    cranky said...

    I think the guy who organized the counter protests in West Chester, Pennsylvania (where the video was shot) and I went to high school together. He went in the Navy and I went in the Air Force. Good for him.

    Self-important twits. Note the Winter Soldier t-shirt on one of the protestors. This guy is in bed with the John Kerry who came back from Vietnam to lie before Congress and label me and others baby killers, mutilators, and rapists.