Friday, February 02, 2007

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Some sites get a lot of comments. Right Wing News for example gets several hundred on some topics, and blogs like Little Green Footballs and Daily Kos can get more than a thousand within hours. Anything over a few dozen comments and most people will start skimming over what is said by others, ignoring good points and bad to get to the bottom to have their say or just get it over with. You get a thousand or more comments and nobody reads them all, they just jump to the bottom to start commenting themselves.

In this mix, some very good thoughts can be lost. Because there's so many people saying so many things (some of them quite wordy), a comment can be totally ignored, orphaned. This is sad, because great points and keen insight will go unread and unresponded to.

Another kind of orphan is one that shows up in the middle of a heated discussion. People are so eager to get their response to the latest comment on a topic they don't notice or don't care about the thought that isn't part of the main discussion. Sometimes comments are posted so fast that they build up too quickly and nobody gets to read some of them unless they stop and carefully go over each one.

At other times, the momentum of the discussion has ended, and the comments go off topic, usually in some bitter argument and series of personal attacks. By this point the only readers are the people in the argument, so a good thought gets shoved to the side rudely in their eagerness to fight.

If you post an orphan, don't feel too bad. Chances are someone will read it even if they don't respond. Everyone who posts even fairly often has had this happen, sometimes it's why people start blogs. If you spot an Orphan that is worth passing on, comment on it and note it's content, perhaps others will then take note and it can be given the attention it deserves.

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