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"Anyhow, it's like all the tattoos young folks get these days, when they're 60 it won't be 'cool' at all."

OK I admit it, that headline is just to troll for more Google hits. That said, the topic is valid, as the Ace of Spades HQ tells it, pictures of a college cheerleader have been posted on the Internet, pictures that clearly some she took and some another person took - possibly her lover. At least some of them are nudes, and some are very hardcore x-rated pictures. I'm not going to link the pictures and the site that has them will likely take them down soon as they violate the host's policies.

Now, Ace is hardly a puritanical fellow, in fact he's more inclined to laugh at this than I would but even he stopped a moment to consider the implications of these pictures:
Something has seriously gone wrong in this culture. God knows I'm not a super-strict virtuecrat or anything, but a steady diet of MTV sex shows, Sex & the City, and the like now has many, verging on most, young girls pretty much behaving like gutterwhores.

But Why Blame MTV and Sex & the City? What About the Internet? I don't think the ubiquity of porn has much of an impact, because in order to sell this behavior, you have to sell it as cool, chic, hip, an attractive "lifestyle choice."

Internet porn, and porn in general, hardly does that, does it? Hell, I'm sickened by it half the time, and I'm nasty.

Nah, you need to accompany it with fabulous digs like on The Real World or a fabulous job like Carrie Bradshaw has.
Ace points out that ten years ago you'd have had a hard time even bringing up the idea of taking pictures of a young girl, let alone getting them posted for the world to see. Where does this come from, and how far will it go? Commenters discussed the thought:
Ladies, here's a tip: someday, you might want to get married to a guy you really love. This guy may surf the internet tubes, and may run across that embarassing little video you did a few years ago when you still did "that kind of stuff". (Or your new guy's friends might help him out and just mail him the link or give him the DVD. 'Cause that's what friends do -- crush each other's hopes and dreams, and then laugh about it.) Your beau may not like the fact that his fiancee was famous for giving bjs to two guys at once, or dancing naked and drunk on a balcony while a group of guys groped her. I'm just saying. It's not the kind of thing that promotes the trust and matrimonial bond that makes for a long and happy marriage.

Everybody has a history; you don't get to be an adult without having made one or two (or a hundred) dumb mistakes on your way up. But for Christ's sake don't film it. The internet has a long, long memory, and those youthful indiscretions can and will cause you misery later in life. (Plus any doctor can tell you that genital warts, herpes, and chlamydia are more than just annoyances, and AIDS will simply *#&@ing kill you.)

Fair? No. But (ahem): Life Is Not Fair.
-by Monty

Monty is so right.

This generation of girls will SO REGRET the things that are posted forever on the net of them. I knew some wild girls in college who are the best moms now (ok, some aren't) and would be MORTIFIED if their little ones ever saw some pictures of what they did. And nothing they did was as bad as what is commonly shown on MySpace or Facebook. These girls are as foolish as they skanky.

And Ace is right about this never happening before. It is beyond sad that the "paris hilton" mentality is alive and well. No one seems to be paying attention and we are all shocked when it is exposed.

What we use to call "wild" is mild by comparison.

I feel sorry for these girls, I really do. They have no idea how much they will regret these foolish choices.
-by RightWingSparkle

It's not new. There have always been exhibitionists. There have always been dirty pictures, home movies, poloroids. What is new is that people can now publish this stuff to the world instantly.

Not fifteen years ago there was no way to get a photograph to someone without actually putting a dark room developed photograph in the mail. And video? There wasn't even such a thing as video 25 years ago. It is tough to virally spread a Super 8 film can.

Maybe I am missing something, but aren't there actually a lot of pictures of naked women on the internet? I wouldn't know on account as I am married, but I heard rumors.

What is new is non-porn related websites (such as this one) linking to porn based on the illusion that the person photographed is in the public domain because she is an actual celebrity a la Britany Spears or a likely hot non-celebrity such as a cheerleader for a large university.
-by seattle slough

seattle slough,

You're wrong as to scope. Yes, there have always been "dirty" pictures and cavemen probably drew moustaches on each other's drawings. But, no, this trend is only recently pervasive across a broad spectrum of society.

I've known a number of women of questionable repute (or worse) through the years. However, each of them was discrete. But now when something happens that should be a private affair (even if it happens in front of a room full of people) many women and men no longer object to a camera recording the act for later jollies.

And that's a big difference.
-by Birkel

Anyone even remotely surprised or disheartened by this most recent reminder of the whorification of our society need only take a quick tour of Facebook or MySpace to become truly disheartened. Or aroused, one of those.

I'm 29 and I like the ladies, but I'm scared to death about raising a daughter in this society. Maybe decorum and the whole "not showing your hoo-hah at every opportunity" thing will make their way back into our culture when this generation grows up and regrets the youth they spent as internet harlots, but that won't happen for quite a while.

In the meantime, while I'm relatively young and have no kids....I shall continue to enjoy every second of it.
-by World B. Free

Yes, of course there have always been dirty pics ect. That isn't the point. It's the age of the girls and how it seems to not be just the "wild" girls of my generation, but a common thing.
-by RightWingSparkle

There always has been & always will be people out there that simply don't have enough sense to ever regret anything. Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears, Dennis Rodman, Mike Tyson for a few. It's just now we have the internet to spread their bad behavior world wide in a matter of minutes.

Anyone want to come up with some more famous examples?
-by CAD Daddy

RWS you are so right. When I was in high school you would have never talked about your sex life, or most likely didn't even have sex for fear of being branded a slut.
Now they announce it on TV and sell things like BRATZ dolls to our daughters, which my girl will never be allowed to own.
Of course right now she doesn't know they exist.
-by Pajama Momma

Something has seriously gone wrong in this culture. God knows I'm not a super-strict virtuecrat or anything, but a steady diet of MTV sex shows, Sex & the City, and the like now has many, verging on most, young girls pretty much behaving like gutterwhores.

This makes me pine for the days when Hypocrisy Ruled the Earth. When sexual impropriety, if it were discussed at all, was denounced vociferously in public and especially in front of women, but in private, behind the scenes, it sometimes was a different story.

But along came the Sexual Revolution that, totally misreading Freud, preached loudly and in no uncertain terms that it was unhealthy and dangerous to "repress" any of our sexual impulses for any reason whatsoever.

And now we have Britney Spears flashing her ****** for the cameras and girls barely out of their teens putting up raunchy pictures of themselves on the internet.

But at least we got rid of that evil old "repression" thing. That's justifies everything.
-by OregonMuse

Of course technology plays a part in this but that's not a refutation of what ace was saying.

50 years ago, many fewer women engaged in anything even close to this kind of sexual behavior because it was thought to be completely unacceptable.

As technology has improved, this stuff has become more and more acceptable for the very reason that it's easier to do and there's more of it out there.

This does two things:

1. It gets more women to participate in this behavior because they don't view it as wrong since it is so prevalent.

2. It pushes the line of what is unacceptable further and further out to the extreme.

I'm sure there were women 50 years ago that had the reputation as a chick that would give a bj and I'm sure that was shocking.

Now that's nothing. Today, in order to be shocking you have to wrap your ****** around a telephone pole. Or something.

Technology plays a role for sure but you can't deny that this type of behavior isn't more accepted (and therefore more widespread) today than 50 years ago.
-by Rosetta

I have to wonder what world some of you live in?

What we see happening today is not just function of digital technology. Technology is a contributing factor, yes, but the phenomenon is more about culture than anything. What we've experienced throughout the past 20 or so years in this country is the death of shame

I invite all of you contrarians to sit down and watch an entire weekend of VH1 and MTV programming. What you will see will shock you. It's like piping raw sewage into your living room.

Parents need to take control of their sphere of influence and keep this shit away from their children. Failure to do so is allowing the scumbag media executives to define your children's values.

Kids look to parents to set the rules for them. They aren't capable of forming healthy values for themselves without guidance. Clearly we are failing. Just look around you. Take a trip to the mall sometime and see what we're raising.

God knows I'm no prude. I got into a lot of sh*t in my younger days and probably would have ended up dead or in jail if my father weren't such a strong male influence on my upbringing. But what I see today appalls me. It's going to be a struggle to raise my son right in today's environment.
-by Warden

It wasn't that long ago that I was in grad school, and my wife is currently wrapping up another degree. Something is different.

When I was doing my first pro opera tour, my colleagues and I were close enough to my home stomping grounds that we made it down for the weekend just prior to Mardi Gras. One of my colleagues got completely trashed, separated from us, and wound up with a new t-shirt and a good 45 seconds on Girls Gone Wild. (Swear to God- no lie)

The horrifying thing is that her mother couldn't have been prouder.

There has always been porn, and there have always been exhibitionists. But you've never had such instantaneous access to all of it like you do today, right down to what particular flavor you like. The shit you used to see, people used to get paid to do. Now, you have idiots flashing cameras just so they can get on TV and have their fifteen minutes of fame. Hell, doing live shots after McNeese football games, parents would tell their kids, "Okay, now go get on TV." They didn't tell them how- they just told them to do it.

As usual, Sandy, I think you're right on- you can get as much hardcore as you want, and women willing to do any sex act imaginable, at any time. It used to be quite a feat to get your hands on porn not even ten years ago.
-by tmi3rd

It's all about technology. Two technologies in fact: birth control and abortion. Traditional sexual morality was all about making sure there would be someone to take care of the babies. Now that it's possible to have sex without making babies the old rules are slowly being thrown out. That was inevitable.

Years from now this girl will be showing these pictures to her bored grandkids and saying "I know it's nothing now, but you wouldn't believe what a fuss people made over this stuff back then."
-by schizoid

A while back, someone wrote that they thought the big contributors to lack of sexual morality was the twin technologies of abortion and birth control. I would add welfare to that list. The rules a growing number of women live by seem to be:

1) If your kid has a 'practicing' father, you don't get squat.
2) If your kid has an absent father, you get a government check.
3) The more kids you have, the more money you get.

If you're not bright enough to understand what a horrible life you're setting yourself up for, being a welfare brood mare seems like a viable way to make a living.
-by Cautiously Pessimistic
As a commenter pointed out, Playboy has been running "college girl" photo spreads for some time now, but they were considerably more tame, and usually one or two pictures. These are rather extensive and clinical. Commenter CraigC reminds us of the Norfolk VA cameraman and reporterette a few years back:
I don't know if you guys remember a woman named Allison Williams. She was a news reporter for a station in Norfolk, VA who got fired because she and her cameraman made a porn video, and I do mean porn in the live truck while they were at a shoot. Maybe it's because I used to work in TV news, but that floored me. Mind you, it was incredibly stupid, but the fact that this otherwise-normal-seeming young woman felt comfortable enough to do that is evidence of the sea-change that's taken place recently.
The key thing here is not that there were no such actions in the past, nor that pictures were never taken of lovers. It is instead that it was done in private, there was shame involved, it was less widespread, and less accepted, especially among youth. That has changed, and no amount of "but people did stuff in the past" exclamations can change that fact. How far will our culture go? How low can morals get and how shameless and sinful will young people become in the name of liberty and fun?

I'll close with this quote that another commenter posted by C.S. Lewis decades ago in the Abolition of Man (a book I cannot recommend highly enough):
In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.
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Anonymous said...

It is an odd phenomenon... when I was about 18, girls my age looked normal but many were total sluts. Now many of them look like total sluts, but according to my college aged nephew, they make you date them for a long time first. Who knows? Half the women in America today grew up without their fathers being around much... it is no wonder they behave this way.

Anna Venger said...

Would your nephew tell you if he were sleeping with them? And what does date mean?

There does seem to be a lack of morals and a death of shame in our culture today. Without fathers, young men don't know how to treat women and women don't know how they should be treated.

I suspect that those photos and videos will be sorely regretted one day. What a shame.