Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Remember the last few election cycles, how when you got close to November the airwaves were filled with voter registration drives? How MTV ran all those Rock the Vote ads? How there were radio programs and even DJs on radio stations kept saying "remember to vote?"

Notice how that's not happening this time around? Even 60 minutes has run segments trying to get Christians not to vote, I've blogged on that before. The effort is to get people to stay home, to not vote, to not register. Just sit this one out, folks.

Well its time for us to take over where they are failing. It's time to call people to vote, because only the most lame, stoned, pathetic, and worthless citizens fail to vote when it comes around to election day. We have a civic duty to vote, we have a moral responsibility.

If you have a problem with government, if you think things are being done poorly, if you don't like the way congress is running things, if you are angry at your party, your candidates, your choices, and your government, here's your chance. If you aren't willing to take the slightest, most minimal effort to get involved, how upset can you really be? If you won't even do this little bit, how serious are you about the problems you complain about? Hit those ballot boxes this November, people. Get out there and have your say.

Only hippies skip the vote, folks. Don't be a hippy. Vote.

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michele said...

That's so funny! Thanks for the link.