Monday, April 23, 2012


"Mommy says that If I get pregnant, and the baby will cramp my lifestyle, I can have it's skull crushed and it's brain vacuumed out of [me]. She told me to thank a Democrat. "

*NOTE: I found this buried in my "drafts" section, somehow it became unpublished from several years ago.  So its revived and you get a blast from the past circa 2006.
While I'm fine with people discussing their ideas and trying to convince people their position on a topic or issue is correct - indeed, that's what this blog was all about - there can be problems with trying to approach children in the same way.  unless it is handled extremely carefully and on a level appropriate for the children. And generally speaking, its better for parents to handle this kind of thing than schools.

Some topics such as sexuality and politics are inappropriate and unreasonable to teach children about below a certain age. Not only are the kids uninterested, but they simply don't have the intellectual maturity and mental development required to deal with the topic properly. Instead of learning and being informed, they are simply indoctrinated. Ideas are planted in their head rather than understood, examined, and agreed with.

For basic concepts taught in Grammar school, this is perfect - primarily things that must be memorized, such as mathematics. More advanced topics that require independent thought and analysis need to wait until the student is adequately skilled and equipped at engaging in such analysis. is a site dedicated to teaching young people to be Democrats. Not lovers of democracy and liberty, but rather to be members of a specific American political party. The site's entire purpose is to sell a children's book entitled Why Mommy is a Democrat. Advertised on Air America as being "A marvelously child-friendly introduction to the values of Democrats," it is targeted at the very young. As in five years old. The site is scattered with quotes of praise from alleged readers, including a child.

Sean Gleeson noticed this a while back and did some photoshop work on the sample pages to lampoon the book. Commenters there responded:
extra note: I just read the site containing the “real book”. It appears as an innocuous titled book to help explain party affiliation, BUT…

“Democrats make sure we are always safe…” Showing a huge elephant passing by, while mom protects her young babes, is just plainly obviously rude. In a ‘normal’ book (one without a Democrat theme) this would be fine. They are all animals, and squirrils need to be protected from huge animals. Of course, are there cute cuddly squirrils where elephants live?

So, your lampoon is clearly right on point (pun not intended) with that picture. What in the world were the authors thinking? You know who’d be peeved if it had been a large angry donkey instead of huge charging elephant.

Also, what is that crazy guy doing just standing in the elephant’s charging way?
-by Zach

The crazy guy is obviously a homeless man that will be trampled by the Elephant. Or the Elephant’s heartless policies.

Reeeeal subtle there.
-by Steven L.

I rather thought the crazy man on every page was Daddy.
-by Sean
Ace of Spades HQ also blogged more recently on the book, with more photoshops. Sobek was the guest blogger:

That should come in handy, if Democrats ever stop killing their unborn children.

Commenters at Ace responded
What IS in the book?

Democrats make sure we share our toys, just like mommy does. - In the background, there's a black homeless guy begging for change on park bench while rich-looking people walk past. One of em's holding a newspaper that says "I .... Tax R" or something, it's half covered, I'm not getting what the point is here.

Democrats make sure we're allways safe, just like mommy does. - children squirrels cowering in fear of an elephant, walking by the black homeless guy. [subtle, as Warden says later]

Democrats make sure children go to school, just like mommy does. - Same Homeless guy gazing over a fence at 2 rich looking parents greeting thier college graduate son next a sign that says "Admission: $160,000"

Reality based community.
-by Entropy

Start propagandizing 'em early, lefties. Owners of this book are a tribute to parenthood.

Me, I'm starting Baby Warden off with a picture book of aborted fetuses. I just think its the right thing to do, you know?
-by Warden

A child is never too young to learn that those people are no good.
-by LauraW

"Mommy also said that I couldnt be held responsible for anything, cause personal responsibility was a tool used by fascists. "
-by The Drizzle
If there's a version of this out there for Republicans, it's just as sad and wrong. Sharing your faith - the basic shaping force for your entire worldview and philosophy of life - with your child is one thing. Indoctrinating them into a political system is another. Although, as some have said, modern liberalism is often difficult to distinguish from a religious faith.