Friday, June 30, 2006


Over at Protein Wisdom, Jeff G. linked to a site that does face recognition software (via Femeniste blog). The program scans your picture and suggests various possible celebrities that you look like.
The program thinks I look like Aldous Huxley, Kirk Douglas, Christopher Lambert, or Douglas Adams. But then, it wasn't a very close picture (oddly enough I have few pictures of myself). Swing by MyHeritage and see who you look like (free registration required).
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Anonymous said...

Interesting site... apparently I closely resemble a movie director named Lars von Trier... never heard of him.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Never heard of him. Hm IMDB says he directed... a bunch of stuff I've never even heard of.

Anonymous said...

I was told I resemble L. Ron Hubbard and Karl Marx, so excuse me while I go consider radical reconstructive surgery.

Anna Venger said...

Pretty cool. What were your percentages? I hope you don't mind, but I put the link on my blog. So, CT, if you want to know whom the program matched me with, you'll have to check my site! ;) Have a great weekend.