Friday, June 09, 2006


One of my favorite shows on television is a BBC import called Top Gear. Apparently it's so successful it's on nearly any given time of the day in England, which likely wears thin after a while. Top Gear is a car show, but it's about and by people who really love cars, love to drive, drive fast, drive long, and have fun. In the first episode that showed in the US, they fitted shells of cars to pneumatic rams and fired them at a target below a cliff: car darts. But they show cars, drive cars, and do odd tests such seeing which can make it to a given place first: a passenger pigeon or a passenger car.

The show is great fun, has dazzling visual style, and charismatic hosts, most prominent the main host Jeremy Clarkson. The show recently tested the prototype P2, made by the Prodrive company who is a racing manufacturer and adapter. They make winning rally cars, formula racers, etc, and decided to make a road car. And what a car; the Top Gear test, courtesy YouTube:

As noted at the end of the video, the car is sadly not going into production, although they may decide to make a few if demand is keen enough. Clarkson likely owns one by this point.

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