Thursday, June 08, 2006


Blogspot is having some problems and as such I can't post very easily and the comments section is down. I apologize, but this is one of the prices for free hosting, I guess!

If you haven't noticed, many of the posts have a "Read the Rest..." button on them, below the Technorati Tag that most have as well (more on that later). Click on that, and the post expands to it's full length revealing more blog article. Then you can click the "Collapse Post" button to shrink the post down again if you wish. Try the one at the bottom here if you've not noticed it before...

On most of the blog articles here I have a Technorati Tag. What this does is enable you to search for articles by these tags with the SEARCH window on the right side of the page, and adds my articles to the Technorati search engine, which is a huge database of blogs across the internet. This search can be used to find articles on any blog that is signed up to Technorati and has these tags.

If you look at the top of the blog, you'll find the Word Around the Net logo, and under it a lot of little flags. Those are the flags of each nation that's had someone visit this blog, and as I see new ones, I add a new flag! The internet is international, and for even a little blog like this one you can see just how international truly it is.

-Christopher Taylor

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