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The upcoming movie Superman Returns is interesting in that it is intended to be in the same "universe" as the 1970's and 80's Superman movies with the late Christopher Reeve. There is even rumored to be footage cut from the 1978 Superman movie with Marlon Brando's original work, likely as flashback or memory material. You can watch the Trailer for Superman Returns at the Apple movie site.

The Movie Blog noted something about this movie, however:

My Co-host on the Audio Edition, Doug Nagy, has been pretty hesitant (and sometimes down right dismissive) about the new Superman flick because it looks like it might focus too much on Lois and Superman's relationship. I've never been worried about that. That is until now!

In an interview in London Metro, there was this quote from director Bryan Singer:
"This is a movie about what happens when old boyfriends come back into your life. I call it my first chick flick....Even if you're the strongest man in the world, if the woman you loave has found someone else who she's nearly married to and who's not a bad guy, what is your place in that woman's life?"

"Screenwriter Michael Dougherty said a big reason behind the romantic plot was the success of TV shows like The New Adventures of Superman and Smallville."

Some people are already a bit concerned by Bryan Singer's tendency to slip gay activist themes in his movies (consider the X-men 2 scene in Iceman's house, for example), but this could be a bad sign also for action and comic book fans. Certainly the Dawson's Creek treatment of the recent Daredevil movie did not exactly endear its self to fans.

Commenters discussed the idea:
Please say it isn't so! I'm not paricularly excited about the new Superman movie, but my excited had started to grow with the recent trailers.
I want action and adventure not sap! I hope it's not true and I hope come June 28th I'll be pleased with the outcome.
-by meli

To be honest, the fact that's theres a b it of romance doesn't bother me too much as long as it's well done and as long as Superman keeps being super. I can't wait to hear what Doug has to say about this tidbit of news. I have a feeling it's going to be an interesting audio edition.
-by themarina

I always assumed it would be a chick flick; I am not sure why anybody thought it would be otherwise. They where never going to ignore the success of the romantic angle that worked so well in The New Adventures of Superman etc.. All the trailers looked like it was going to be romance heavy with a bit of action thrown in to show you he was Superman.
They would be fools not to have made it a flick heavily aimed at a female demographic. It was obvious the Lois and Superman relationship would be the real driving force of the movie, as thats the whole hook that draws that demographic in.
-by bullet in the head

I think what Singer meant was this is his first film were he involves love between two people. Sure X-men had that little love triangle thing going on but it was not lovey dovely love triangle with Jene, Scott and Logan. The romance has alaways been apart of Superman and I don't think Superman Returns is any different. Like I said this is Singer's first time(i think) dealing with love in a story so that could be the reason why he said chick flick Oh and I don't think someone getting shot in the eye would be called a chick flick.
-by wolf
I've often wondered why it is that hollywood seems compelled to add romance to otherwise interesting, entertaining, and enjoyable stories. Sometimes, like Major League, the romantic story drags the movie down, ruining momentum and feeling like it was tacked on to make women want to see it.

But like a lot of conventional hollywood "wisdom" about movies, I suspect they overestimate the need for romance in a movie for women to want to watch it (did Master and Commander do so poorly for its utter lack of romance and almost total absence of women?). Further, since a lot of romance tends to make men not want to see a movie, does that chase away enough business that they haven't gained anything by trying to lure women in with romance tacked on? Certainly having some romance in an action movie doesn't make a movie a chick flick, but it can be sufficient to annoy viewers if it's not a natural part of the story or entertainment. James Bond and Indiana Jones can get the girl without needing mushy or extraneous romantic elements.

In any case, Lois Lane and Clark Kent always had a sort of relationship, but the comic book is over 70 years old and only a small portion of that time was any focus on this romance. I'll see the movie anyway, simply because I love the character and the previews look good, but this does not fill me with confidence.
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